The 5 Essential Rules of Regifting

20th Dec 2013 / By Guest Contributor

The holidays are here and by now I’m sure most of you are thinking, “but I haven’t finished my shopping!” No need to fear, as some of the best gifts you can give may just be a right under your very own roof. While the term regifting was born out of a pop culture movement, it’s become a popular mainstay for how to solve the problem of needing a last minute gift. Read on to see my essential rules of regifting, and don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.

  1. Make sure the regift items you’re considering was never used and no longer has all name tags and price tickets.
  2. Inspect your regift item, clean off any dust and wrap it in a gorgeous box or bag with care.
  3. Avoid a potentially embarrassing scenario by making certain the gift isn’t being given back to the original giver or someone they may know.
  4. Be thoughtful: If regifting an item, make sure that it truly will fit the recipient’s personality and it’s something they’ll love, treasure and have a use for.
  5. If you find yourself with an item that you do not need and cannot gift to someone this holiday season, consider donating it to a charity or organization that accepts unused gifts for needy families this time of year.

Some helpful hints on what to do with extra gifts in your home:

During the holidays you may be laden with all kinds of edible gifts like fruitcake, chocolates or wine. While we know holiday calories can easily add up, consider taking some of tasty treats with you to your next party, potluck, or office to share a little holiday spirit. Your coworkers may appreciate having seasonal goodies in the break room.

Beauty products make a great regift for the girl that loves to pamper herself. If you find you’ve received more lotions, potions, perfumes or makeup than you can ever use, consider wrapping up and regifting the glamour girl in your life. Keep in mind beauty products can have a shelf life, so check for any expiration dates and changes in consistency in the product.

Found yourself with too many decorative items to display? Not to worry, you can easily turn these every day home items into a thoughtful gift. Gift a friend or family member one of those frames you never got to use, with a photo of a special memory you share, or a scented candle for your boho-chic friend. For the art lover, a painting that just wasn’t right for you but would look amazing in their loft. No matter the item, check it for any nicks or scratches and wrap with care in tissue to keep it safe until opening.

Kitchen items are another item that can easily be given a happy home. From mixing bowls, whimsical salt & pepper shakers to seasonal decorative towels and trivets, these goodies can easily be gifted to the domestic goddess we all know.

Tell us your thoughts on re-gifting!

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