Pinterest Accounts You Should Be Following

26th Dec 2013 / By Guest Contributor

If you’re an avid Pinterest user who uses the site for fashion and design inspiration, we hope you’re following these Pinterest accounts listed below. If you’re not following them, we suggest you do, and you can thank us later!

Pinterest account: @studioloraine
About her style: Thoughtful, artful and european-classic – reflecting her time spent as a painter both in the United States and France.

Pinterest account: @inhonorofdesign
About her style: Modern design with an element of bohemian and sometimes eclectic twists. She loves to bring an every day piece to life by mixing colors and textures!

Pinterest account: @cindybatchelor
About her style: On-trend classic with an edge. She loves classic silhouettes in bold colors, prints, and textures. If its boring, she’s not wearing it!


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