How To: Easy Mistletoe Decorating Tips!

9th Dec 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Mistletoe: A simple plant with a passionate purpose! I’ve been subjected to the motives of this greenery on numerous holiday occasions (whether I wanted to is a separate issue) but never knew, until now, why such a seemingly ordinary shrub has demanded us to lock lips when we pass beneath it. Even now, mistletoe’s connection to kissing is still fairly mysterious, though it’s been said to derive from early Norse mythology when, as the story goes, a malevolent spirit destroys a god (Balder) with an arrow made of the plant. When Balder is brought back to life, his mother (the goddess of love) is so appreciative that she kisses anyone who walks under a mistletoe branch.

Well, now that the holiday season is here, why not take the tradition a step further and create something that’s really worth looking at! From wreaths to banister wraps, the possibilities are endless and because mistletoe is cheap and can be bought in bulk online, you have no excuse not to try something new and beautiful! Why not spread out the branches along the middle of your table for an unexpected holiday centerpiece? Add a few scented candles to the mix and you’re sure to stun the best of ’em! Love the look of a decorated staircase? Wrap a few branches, intertwined with white, Tivoli lights, around the railing for a glowing, earthy vibe! Of course, if you’re really just planning to embarrass your party guests, then follow these simple steps below for creating your own decorative Mistletoe Kissing Ball!

P.S. Whatever you do, please remember: Mistletoe is actually quite poisonous, both to humans and animals, and should never be ingested. No matter how much egg nog you’ve taken down, eating it is NEVER a good idea.

•    4 ½-inch florist foam ball
•    24-gauge wire
•    Garden shears
•    Sheet moss
•    20 to 30 branches of mistletoe
•    3 ½-inch pearl florist pins
•    38-inch-long ribbon
1) Soak the ball in water. Submerge it for 15 minutes until saturated.
2) Cut floral wire into 1 ½-inch strips. Bend pieces into a U-shape.
3) Cover the ball with sheet moss. Secure it with the floral wire.
4) Cut mistletoe into 2- to 3-inch pieces. Adhere by pushing stems through the moss and directly into the foam ball. (For less sturdy stems, create small holes with an ice pick before inserting.) Heads up: You may need up to 150 small pieces to fully cover the florist foam.
5) Apply florist pins. Place as desired for additional decoration.
6) Add a bow. Starting at one end of the ribbon, fold a 10-inch loop (this will be what you use to hang the ball), and then two 8-inch loops. This will leave you with a 12-inch tail. Cut 6 inches off tail and lay on opposite side of loops. Pinch the loops and tail together at the center, and secure with a 16-inch piece of wire bent in half. Firmly twist the wire until you create a stem sturdy enough to insert in mistletoe ball.

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