7 Glam Thanksgiving Manicure Ideas

16th Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Neutral colors definitely don’t equal boring! Autumn introduces a refreshing number of neutral manicures that are both warm and festive. We’ve rounded up fun and easy to recreate manicures to complete your Thanksgiving outfit. 

This unique manicure by The Nailasaurus looks complicated, but actually is a lot of fun! Simply start by painting your nails with a neutral brown or grey color. Once dry, take a small brush and begin to create a gradient effect using black and various shades of brown to create a cool feather effect.

An asymmetrical manicure will get your creative juices flowing. Pick any three colors and alternate solid colors on each nail. Finally, with a small brush and black nail polish add your compilation of lines to form a asymmetrical nail.

The third look from Nicholas K‘s Fall 2013 runway show adds a glitzy twist on the original French manicure. Take your favorite neutral color and top off with a gold or silver tip.

Thanksgiving Manicure | JustFab blog

A pop of orange to match the colors of the falling leaves. Recreate these Monika Chiang nails with  a vibrant orange hue, once dry place tape at both ends of the nails, leaving an open vertical strip in the middle. Then, paint over that strip with a metallic silver. The silver adds a cool fall effect to this gorgeous manicure.

This very simple yet chic look is easy to recreate. Use a nude polish to paint your nails, once dry, take gold loose glitter bits to create outlines of your nails. You can create different decorations using the loose glitter bits.

Thanksgiving just isn’t the same without a turkey! Start off with a white color nail polish. Then using a small brush paint the corners of your nails with three feathers (red, yellow, and brown). Lastly, get creative and bring to life your own version of a turkey on your ring finger.

The color palette for these stripe ombre nails will definitely set the mood of autumn. Start off by painting your nails a solid gold color. Second, cut tiny strips of tape and place them across each nail to form the stripes. Third, paint each line with a different shade of brown and gold. Lastly, when the nails are dry remove the tape and take a picture to instantly share your cute nails with all your friends.

Tell us what your fave Thanksgiving manicure is, or what your unique nail art will be.

-Amy N, JustFab Intern




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