Pop Of Color: Add It To Your Look With Accessories And Denim

8th Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Most women are afraid to embrace color, especially in the fall and winter seasons, for fear of looking like a crayon! But the truth is, bold color enhances your features, brightens your skin, and often puts a smile on your face! So here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe with a “POP” item!! 

We all own black clothing – it’s a wardrobe staple, and I confess, I’m a sucker for it too – but it’s also a great backdrop for color. I personally like to take a simple black and white look and make it really standout by ditching the black pumps and replacing them with colorful suede ones. So it’s no wonder that I love the Grazia, Karmen, Lucinda and Macey styles for this purpose – I want to buy one of each color!

Or turn things up a notch on the weekend and add a colorful statement necklace to a basic sweater and denim ensemble – you can even throw in a pair of colorful flats for even more dramatic impact. To achieve this, I suggest pairing Magnum Opus and Bettine back to your Signature Skinnies! 

For work, I like the idea of updating your standard suit with a bright, modern bag. I’m obsessed with The Plaza, Parisian and Jade styles. They’ll add a sophisticated punch to any corporate attire.

But it’s not all about the accessories; colored denim and cords are still a safe and easy-to-wear option. Make your heather gray knits come alive with bright pants like the Signature Skinny Corduroy in cobalt or red. Or kick the holidays off in style by pairing a classic tux blazer and white tee back to the Signature Skinny Tuxedo jean in ultra blue – it’s tres chic!

So ditch your winter blues, and add a “pop of FAB” to your look!

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