National Philanthropy Day: 7 Ways To Give Back

15th Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Happy National Philanthropy Day! Within each of us lies the power to positively change, impact and/or influence the lives of others. Today is a great reminder to give of yourself, whether it’s your time, services or a donation. Here are a few activities to help you celebrate National Philanthropy Day.

Clothing Drive: With the chilly holiday season upon us, many families in need can use a good winter coat. Donate new and gently used apparel to help families keep dry and warm throughout the season.

Adopt a Highway: The ever-increasing number of drivers, weather and litter takes a toll on our roads. It’s easy to overlook that our highways need maintenance, gather a group and help plant trees and flowers and remove litter. Contact your local government to find out how to adopt a highway.

The Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan has affected millions of people across the Philippines. Your donation to will help with relief and recovery efforts. Find an organization here

Random Acts of Kindness: You can easily give back in a way that doesn’t include a monetary donation. Try something nice, like complimenting a stranger, holding a door open, or helping the elderly with their groceries. A caring gesture could really make someone’s day.

Marathons: There are various marathons you can participate in across the country. From children’s charities to illness prevention and awareness, simply select a cause dear to your heart and run.

Feed the Homeless: Take time out of your day to prepare or buy a meal for the homeless in your local communities. You can deliver your precooked meals to a local shelter or food bank, or volunteer at these wonderful facilities.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter: Animals need love and compassion just as human beings do. Some shelters run on small budgets and rely on the help of their local communities. You can help feed, walk, groom the animals and/or clean cages. You’ll also benefit by socializing with such cute pets!

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to start somewhere. I’ll close with a Dalai Lama quote, quite fitting for today, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” Let us know how you plan to celebrate National Philanthropy Day.


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