4 Holi-DIY Perfect Cards

20th Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Take your holiday crafting to the next level by creating cute and completely custom holiday greeting cards. A personalized card is the easiest way to wish your friends and family a happy holiday season. I’ve created four festive cards and will show you how you can easily make them yourself.  Grab your supplies and prepare to impress your friends and family with your artistic talents.

3D Ornament Holi-DIY Card Tutorial by JustFab

3D Ornament Card
What you’ll need:
Glue Gun or Double sided tape
Red Ribbon
Holiday Stickers and Snowflake Stickers (optional)
White Card Stock Paper
Mixed Pattern Print Outs

Gather all your supplies and be sure to print mixed pattern sheets, I used these lovely HGTV prints. Draw a circle on the pattern paper using a round shape, I used the bottom of a soda can to create perfect circles. Then, cut out each circle and fold them in half. Use your glue gun or double sided tape to attach 3 printed circles together. Once you complete your ornaments, fold your white card stock in half and use your glue gun to attach the ornaments to the white paper. Cut two strips of ribbon and glue them to the paper, right above your ornaments. Create a small bow using your ribbon and glue it to the top of your ornament. Lastly, add your holiday stickers for a festive touch.

Holiday DIY Paint Card by JustFab

Holi-Paint Card
What you’ll need:
Paint Cards (from your local hardware store)
Red and White Wide Ribbon
Glue Gun
Red Card Stock Paper
Holiday Sticker

First, fold your red card stock paper in half. Then, cut out the paint card samples and layer them together using your glue gun. Use your scissors to create rounded edges. Cut a large piece of your ribbon and glue the middle section of your ribbon down to the top part of the red card stock. Grab your paint card assembled layers and glue them over the red ribbon and card stock. Lastly, tie a fancy bow over the paint samples and cut any leftover material off. Add a holiday sticker wherever you’d like for extra cheer.

Insta-Joy Holi-DIY Card by JustFab

Insta-Joy Card
What you’ll need:
Blue Card Stock Paper
White Card Stock Paper
Photo Corners (can be found at your local craft store)
Double Sided Tape
Printed Instagram photo (from your smartphone)

First, select a memorable photo you’ve shared on Instagram and print it. If you’d like to use a photo your loved ones have yet to see, take a new one and upload it to Instagram while your phone is on airplane mode, this will keep it off your feed. Once you’ve decided on a photo, use Overgram to add text to your photo. Print your picture on white card stock and cut the selected image. Apply the photo corners to your picture. Fold your blue card stock in half and attach the picture on top using your double sided tape.

Reindeer Holi-DIY Card by JustFab

Reindeer-Cheer Card
What you’ll need:
Brown, Red and Blue Thread
Sticker Letters
Green Card Stock

Fold your green card stock in half. Draw a reindeer shape character using your pencil. Use your needle to poke a small hole at each point. Put the thread through your needle and sew your thread through the card stock using the small holes and printed outline. Use the blue thread for the eyes, brown thread for the body and red thread for the antlers. Finally, add a few letters to share your holiday message.

Which card will you recreate?


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