Dressing For The In-Laws

26th Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

There are two kinds of daughter-in-laws in the world – those who are cherished (the darling daughter-in-law) and those who are, well, under-appreciated. When dressing for events with this part of your family, it’s important to think about your in-laws and what is going to go over best. Is it a treat for them to see you all dolled up at holidays and big events? Or do they prefer that you stay in the background (and out of your mother-in-law’s spotlight)?


If you’re the darling daughter-in-law, this is your time to shine. Pull out that special pair of shoes you’ve been saving for the right occasion and wear that new dress. Embrace some of the bolder winter trends like jewel tones, brocades, lames and velvet. Emerald is especially appropriate for the holidays and looks beautiful with black, purple, mustard yellow and navy.

LIttle Black Dress and Colorful Shoes

If you’re visiting a monster-in-law, basic black is a safe bet. Wear a simple, yet chic, black dress and subtle jewelry. You can still seem festive without going completely over the top by adding a pop of holiday color with your red or gold shoe. Wearing a colorful or intricate shoe is a great way to add a little of your personality without being too outgoing.

Regardless of which daughter-in-law you are, always dress to flatter yourself, highlighting your assets and wearing what makes you feel confident.

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