DIY An Ugly Holiday Dress For Under $20

25th Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

It’s that time of year again: Bake some cookies, serve up some egg nog and get your ugly holiday sweater on! As I’m sure many of you have, I’ve been to my fair share of ugly sweater parties and I do my best each year to out-do everyone else. This year, however, I decided not to limit myself to something itchy, bulky and embroidered with reindeer and snowflakes. Instead, I wanted to try something a little different and slightly (and I mean only ever-so-slightly) more on “trend.” So, to get you in the spirit, and in lieu of posting links to a few of my favorites sweaters, I thought it would be more enjoyable if I shared with you my attempt at a DIY Ugly LBD (see main picture).

Yup, it really is THAT ugly. I basically just took an old black tank top dress that had been sitting in my drawer for years (I especially love crafting when you can re-use what you already have!) and decided to, well, ruin it. I popped over to Michael’s and essentially raided the children’s craft aisle for glittery foam ornaments, tinsel yarn, multi-colored tinsel pom poms and an assortment of fabric puff paint, all of which cost me $19 and change (including a tube of fabric glue). Then, a mere 50 minutes and a whole lot of gluing later, I ended up with the masterpiece you see here (only to be egged-on further by a friend who insisted I finish it off with the “Can’t Touch This” slogan – as if anyone would anyway, right?!)

Ugly Holiday Sweater DIY | JustFab blog

Of course, my first instinct after seeing it the day after it had dried was to immediately throw it in the trash. But then I realized…why not make a flirty outfit of it and really leave ‘em talking? So that’s what I’m gonna do: style it with some opaque black tights, a sleek, fitted tuxedo blazer, and a really gorgeous pair of black booties, like Trinity.

Ugly sweater party, here I come!

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