DIY: 5 Steps To Fab Embellished Slippers

5th Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

November has finally arrived, which means the nights are colder, leaves are changing colors and icy winds whip past us. It’s time to whip out the hot chocolate, warm blankets and cuddle up on the couch with a cute pair of slippers on. House slippers are a staple item for every girl during the fall and winter because they are a great way to keep your feet cozy. In this DIY tutorial, we show you a simple, fun way to convert your ordinary house slippers into a custom, cute creation!


–          Slippers
–          Ribbon (any color)
–          Rhinestones (small or large)
–          Glue (not pictured)
–          Scissors (not pictures)

JustFab DIY | Embellished slippers

The Steps:
1. Remove the buttons from on top of the slipper using scissors (if applicable to your slippers).
2. Take your ribbon and tie a bow by putting the two tail ends together in the middle then folding the left loop over the right loop and pull like your tying your shoe.

JustFab DIY | Embellished slippers tutorial
3. Repeat this process to make another bow.
4. Now that your bows are made, glue on small or large rhinestones to the center area of the bow. You can even add rhinestones around other areas of the slipper if you want.
JustFab DIY | Embellished slippers
5. Glue the bow on top of the shoe.

Now you’re all done!  Feel free to strut around your house in your new fab shoes, even if nobody is watching!


Bree H.
JustFab Intern

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