6 Deliciously Different Turkey Recipes

21st Nov 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Roasting your turkey this Thanksgiving isn’t your only option. Yes, turkey is the highlight of most Thanksgiving dinners, and you may be used to the same flavor year after year, but you can wow your friends and family with a new recipe. Whether you enjoy it deep-fried, smoked, bacon-wrapped or a turkey substitute, here are six unique ways to cook your turkey.

Brine Turkey
If you want an extra juicy turkey this year, try brining, which is soaking a turkey overnight in salt water.  As simple as it sounds, you will need enough salt water to place your whole turkey in, and you can infuse the solution with other ingredients for extra flavor. Try peppercorns, garlic, or Riesling. For complete instructions including broth & gravy, see Emeril’s recipe here.

If you have time on your hands and want to cook something extra special for your many Thanksgiving guests, try making the infamous Turducken! You will need to debone a turkey, whole duckling, and a whole chicken (you can ask your local butcher to debone as well). Place the turkey skin-side down, place the duck on top, and then the chicken on top of the duck. For extra flavor, you can add layers of stuffing and rice in between each bird. Watch this video* for guidance in creating your masterpiece! *Video is not for vegetarians.

If you and your family love a crispy & juicy turkey, grilling may be the best way to cook a turkey this year. It takes above 3-4 hours. Simply prepare a BBQ grill with a rectangular metal or foil drip pan with 2 cups of water in pan. Put charcoal on both sides of the pan. Butter up your turkey and place it breast-side up and place lid on grill. Read the directions here.

Roasted Parts
Yes, this is a traditional method, but we recommend you change it up by roasting turkey parts separately. This method will shorten your cooking and serving time and free up space in your oven. Plus, white and dark meat should be cooked at different temperatures. Find helpful details from Serious Eats here.

How about going for a flavorful kick? You’ll be roasting your turkey but taking the taste to a new level with a spicy BBQ glaze or sauce. The first recipe we recommend is this spice-rubbed turkey with cranberry BBQ sauce, followed by this southern-style BBQ turkey recipe and finally a maple-chipotle bbq sauce recipe. Bon appetite.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or want to take a break from turkey, you can enjoy endless servings of a crock pot tofurkey. Thaw the tofurkey and place it in a crock pot. Baste with ingredients such as grapeseed oil, sage or dill, and soy sauce. The packaging will include additional seasonings and measurements. Cut up your favorite veggies such as cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, onions, and potatoes, place in a bowl and mix with grapeseed oil, dill and pepper. Place your tofurkey in the crock pot, top with veggies, cover and cook on high for about 3 hours.

What’s your favorite way to make a turkey?

-Irene & Melina

images via Martha Stewart, Bon Appetit

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