Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With These Dessert Reality TV Shows

14th Oct 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Next to Christmas and my birthday, National Dessert Day may be my favorite day of the year. I already have a huge sweet tooth, so giving me an excuse to stuff myself with treats is hardly necessary. But giving me a way to justify it is fabulous! Thankfully, eating isn’t the only part of desserts I enjoy; I also love to bake. Which is why I’m thrilled to share my Top 3 Dessert Reality Shows with you.

I apologize in advance for the lack of diversity on this list. But as someone who is on the hunt for the most delicious cupcake in Los Angeles, it’s only logical that cupcake-related shows are what I watch.


DC Cupcakes

Network: TLC

Premise: Georgetown Cupcake owners and sisters Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis run a bakery together.

Why I Love This Show: You really get to see the full scope of the business as the sisters invent new flavors and expand their store count. Plus, you experience the complete process of creating crazy cupcake sculptures for events from start to finish. Each sister brings something unique to the table, while reminding us that family comes first.

Taste: Lucky for me, Georgetown Cupcake reached the West Coast. This summer, every time my co-worker had a baby shower, someone brought a few dozen cupcakes from the bakery. Thankfully, Kim was generous enough to share them with me. Then I finally attended a baby shower for my own friend where they were the featured dessert. It’s no lie folks; these cupcakes are AH-MAZ-ING!



Network: Food Network

Premise: A competition show where bakeries duke it out to see who can whip up the best cupcakes for a star-studded event? Yes, please!

Why I Love This Show: There are three rounds of elimination, which start with baking one cupcake using assigned flavors and ends with the bakers making 1,000 cupcakes that must be presented on a fancy display worthy of the designated event…in 2 hours! The flavors these bakers come up with are so innovative, and the presentation is simply gorgeous. I wish I could be a judge!

Taste: Ironically, one of the winners, Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Cafe, is from my hometown of St. Louis. So when I went back for the holidays,  I stopped in to try one of these award-winning delicacies. It was massive in size, but mediocre in taste.



Network: TLC

Premise: There’s no request too outlandish or cake too crazy for Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his staff at Carlo’s Bake Shop in Jersey City, N.J. Regardless of the size, shape or soiree, this team always delivers the most elaborate designs you’ve ever seen. Hard to believe they’re all edible!

Why I Love This Show: The cakes these guys make are insane! What they’re capable of pulling off never fails to astound me.

Taste: Admittedly, I’ve never been to Carlo’s. But based on all the fondant I see them use, I’d be surprised if the cakes taste as good as they look.

Tell us, what’s your favorite dessert-focused reality show and which treats will you be indulging in on National Dessert Day?

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