How To Celebrate Oktoberfest in Your Backyard

5th Oct 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest fair, taking place in Munich, Germany, where more than 7 million people flock every year to sample the brews, tasty Bavarian treats and admire folks dressed in traditional costume. The very first Oktoberfest took place in 1810, in celebration of King Ludwig I’s wedding where the citizens were invited, and the rest is history. While it’s called Oktoberfest, the festivities actually begin in mid-September and conclude on the first Sunday of October but that doesn’t mean the party has to end.

If you’re not able to get away to Munich to take part in the celebration, no need to worry. Read on to see how you can celebrate Oktoberfest right in your own backyard!

Beer is an absolute must for an Oktoberfest themed bash and no party would be complete without a variety of German beers. The most popular you may see at Oktoberfest fetes being Hofbräu, Spaten or Paulaner. For a little more flair, consider adding beers from other countries and you can find great options at spirits specialty stores.

For some foodie treats, you can offer your guests hard or even soft bake pretzels. To save some time, you can find the ready to bake kind at your local grocer in the frozen food section. While Oktoberfest cuisine is usually geared toward meaty staples like bratwurst links, and roasted chicken, you can serve up tasty items like German potato salad, Sauerkraut and sweets like strudel and German chocolate cake. Though not exactly indigenous, it’s popular favorite!

Lastly, the last element is some fun music and no Oktoberfest is complete without a chicken dance! Consider adding some songs from this great iTunes playlist for guests to shimmy the night away.

How will you celebrate Oktoberfest this year?


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