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22nd Sep 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Our sense of style is developed from so many different places. Television and movies play a major part on how we decide our personal style, plus they provide great inspiration. One area of fashion that can be influenced from our favorite characters is office-wear. From characters like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City to Jennifer Lopez starring in The Wedding Planner, we have so many fabulous fictional business women to take notes from. Take a look at some of our favorite characters in movies and TV and their signature style.


Amy Poehler:

The oh-so-hilarious Leslie Knope of the TV comedy series Parks & Recreation played by Amy Poehler is a must see if you haven’t seen it. She plays a deputy director in her small town of Pawnee, Indiana for the city’s Park & Recreation organization. She’s a lover of all things government related but of course in the funniest way possible. Her style in the show is business professional including business suits and collared shirts with pops of color and/or hints of prints every now and then. We could see her totally wearing the Marybeth round toe, t-strap accented heel for a day of work and laughter.


Kerry Washington:

Kerry Washington has swept the world as Olivia Pope in the dramatic TV series Scandal. Playing the role as a “fixer,” Olivia Pope is an attorney that now helps high profile people at their lowest points.  Any type of scandal from murder to treason, she can fix it. Her style can best be described as clean and simple, yet refined.  She sports the occasional business suit but also is able to pull off a couture gown at the major events she attends. We could see her pulling off the Monroe pump in blue and mixing it with a chevron printed dress and sleek blazer.


Meryl Streep:

Mrs. Miranda Priestly played by Meryl Streep in the movie The Devil Wears Prada is the definition of a business woman. She’s the Editor in Chief for Runway magazine. She is known to run a very tight ship and to be on top of everything. She is considered the epitome of everything that is fashion. Miranda’s style is very chic and feminine, but also very fashion forward. She is known to set and break all the trends in the fashion world. Being the fashion icon that she is, we decided that Kinsey in burgundy is the best style to describe her. She’s a trendsetter and a show stopper just like this pump is.


Brooke Elliot:

Brooke Elliot is very well known for her role in the TV series Drop Dead Diva as Jane Bingum. The show is the story of how she was previously a supermodel and then came back to life as a plus sized lawyer.  Jane is known to wear a lot of black and pink and from time to time will throw in bold colors for a fashion statement. Based on her very specific style, we decided that Amelie in burgundy would best fit her look and add a pop of color to her style.


Reese Witherspoon

Elle Woods, who’s a legal aide in DC played by Reese Witherspoon in the ultimate movie comedy Legally Blonde, is a recent Harvard graduate that landed a job working on Capitol Hill in DC. She’s trying to get use to the political way of life. She’s a bubbly air head that’s trying to adjust to her new career. Elle is known to be a girly girl and a huge fan of pink. She enjoys all things that are feminine and pretty. Of course for a girl like Elle we chose the Blaire pump in pink. It’s fashionable yet fun for the girl into anything that represents femininity.


Dolly Parton:

In the movie Nine to Five, Doralee Rhodes, played by Dolly Parton, plays a secretary that’s working for a verbally abusive boss. She and two other women at the company secretly make changes in the office behind the boss’s back which leads to him being praised by the company’s heads for the changes that the other women had made, and he is given an opportunity to work for the company in another country.  Doralees style is what we would call vintage now a day, but she was best seen in a bold fitted dress and a pair of pointed toe pumps. Phillipa in the nude and black with mixed patterns shows off Doralees style best.


Vanessa Williams:

Vanessa Williams stars as Wilhelmina Slater in the hit TV show Ugly Betty. Wilhlemina’s an over the top, self-absorbed, conceited super model who loves botox and MODE, which is the magazine that she works for.  Wilhelmina’s style is very high fashion and she’s a connoisseur of all the finer things in life. For a Diva like her, we chose Domenica in black to show off her style and to represent her personality.

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