Fitness Friday: 4 Workouts You’ve Never Heard Of But Must Try Now!

6th Sep 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Although I work for a fashion company, my true passion isn’t actually fashion – it’s fitness. As a certified indoor cycling instructor, I attended my first IDEA World Fitness Convention in LA. That’s right, for 3.5 days I did nothing but eat, sleep and exercise – literally. And I loved every minute of it. The highlight was seeing all of the new industry trends and innovations, which is how I found these four crazy-cool workouts that are anything but boring.


When I walked past this booth on the showroom floor and saw 4 people (including the instructor) bouncing on their own mini trampolines, I knew I had to try it. Led by a trainer, you lightly bounce while doing a series of exercises, including kickboxing moves like jabs and kicks. You can do it at home, the program is available on DVD. It’s high intensity and low impact, but it does involve a certain amount of coordination. And don’t be fooled by the fun factor; it’s still a serious workout.

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This new fitness fad is literally a blend of Pilates and boxing. Admittedly, I stopped by the booth to score a free T-shirt. As luck would have it, I arrived right before the live demonstration began. At a fitness conference, you don’t watch a demo; you participate in it. Soon I found myself transitioning from intense air punches to plies and stability poses. I loved it. It’s a girly workout with a tough street element!

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I refused to leave IDEA World without taking at least one dance seminar. So I started Day 3 with a 2-hour class presented by Rachel Warren and Kristin Sudeikis, the co-founders of 2FLY Dance Fit. Taught at Crunch gyms around the country, this class is a blast from the past. The choreography is inspired by dance moves and music from the 1990s, aka my coming-of-age decade. I loved learning the same steps I grew up watching on TV and in music videos. And trust me, I left that room drenched in both sweat and nostalgia.

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This is 2FLY from 2FLYDanceFit on Vimeo.


Talk about a workout that’s all the rage. As I walked into a dark ballroom for this morning session, I was handed a light-up wand made of stars. And yet, this was probably the most traditional workout of the bunch! Designed to feel like a fitness rave, this high-intensity cardio workout combines kickboxing with body sculpting. We learned a few short combinations that were performed to music – similar to a dance routine. The energy was so high, you almost forgot you were exercising. This is another do-it-at-homer…all you need are the DVDs.

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Which one of these fabulous four workouts will you try first? Don’t be shy; tell us all about your exercise experience!

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