What Your Lipstick Says About Your Personality

18th Aug 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Have you ever examined the shape of your lipstick? The way you apply your lipstick can give you clues about your personality, depending on the way it is worn down. Reach into your purse and check to see which lipstick shapes best fits you. Below is a list of personality traits related to five lipstick shapes.

what the shape of your lipstick says about your personalityRounded: a rounded lipstick shows that you are easygoing and loving. With no rough edges the rounded tip shows that you live for beauty and harmony. A woman with a rounded shape would most like likely wear a subtle pink lipstick.

Concave: friendly and adventurous are two traits of the concave tip. You are generally on the go, have a love of freedom, and dislike the conventional. A vibrant fuchsia hue would match your outgoing personality.

Diagonal: ambitious and passionate is what a diagonal tip displays. The fact that the lipstick is going upwards shows that you aim high, and don’t stop until you reach your goals. Rocking a fierce color like red would be no problem for you.

Pointed: You don’t mind the spotlight! The point at the center of your lipstick shows you are confident and a risk-taker. You love action and are known to initiate plans and activities. With a personality so bold you wouldn’t be afraid of wearing a deep hued lipstick such as plum.

Flat: Your sweet and kind nature puts others at ease. You are also honest and to the point, which is why your loved ones value your input. You are dependable and always have the best intentions. A flattering nude shade matches your personality gentle personality.

What shape is your lipstick?

-Morgan Lagomarsino

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