7 Activities That Will Add Meaning To Your Friendships

11th Aug 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Friends are the people that know everything about you, the good as well as the areas of “opportunity”. You’ve lived through so much together, it can become tricky to find simple ways to grow your relationships and add meaning. We’ve put together a list of enjoyable activities that build an even stronger bond.

1. Check out local tourist attractions: Once you have lived in a city for a while you pretty much become accustomed to what the city has to offer. From time to time it’s cool to visit local tourist attractions that are new to either or both of you. You may both learn something new, and it’s fun to remind one another why you chose to live in the beautiful city you did.

2. Enjoy outdoor activities: You both remember the childhood joys of bike rides and roller skating around the neighborhood with friends. Bring back those great feelings by enjoying those very activities now. Even if you are both rusty, falling can be funny, as long as you don’t hurt yourself. You could even get matching bikes, roller skates, or safety gear, and be total twinsies! You can also try, outdoor yoga, hiking or kayaking, be active and healthy together.

3. Visit a foreign country: Say yes to adventure! Visit a country, or even another state, both of you have never been to. You’ll learn more about one another by being in an unfamiliar place and you’ll build lasting memories. You’ll both grow by taking part in local traditions and learning about new customs and beliefs. Most importantly, you can learn how other culture honor and value friendships.

4. Get dolled up together: It’s so easy to reach for the most comfortable wardrobe pieces, especially when life gets super busy. Commit to wearing accessories that make you happy and enhance your beauty, even if it’s just once a week. Get dolled up together and try out new restaurants or even venture out to a few really cool lounges. Share the things that make you feel great with your BFF(s), if you’re ever feeling down, they’ll quickly be able to remind you of the things, and accessories, that lift your spirits so you can meet life’s challenges head on.

5. Start a blog or online journal: This activity is perfect if you don’t live in the same area, find it difficult to get together often, or find it difficult to keep a group of close-knit friends up to date. Share life updates with one another, use it to share laughs, thoughts, ideas, inspiration and to document memories. It’s easy to forget to brief friends on daily happenings, but documenting them will make it easier to chat about them endlessly the next time you see one another.

6. Spa day at home: This activity is just what you need when you feel like staying in and catching up with your bestie. Try out a new hand scrub or face scrub you found on Pinterest or that awesome manicure you saw on your favorite blog. It’s easy to open up and chat with one another when you’re relaxed and refreshed.

7. Take a course together: Who doesn’t love learning something new? Whether you live in the same city or miles apart, check out courses at a local community college or an online workshop. Classes to consider: Flower Arrangements 101, Jewelry Making or taking up a foreign language. Whatever you choose, it’ll be fun to tap into your creativity and develop new skills.

How do you add meaning to your friendships?

-Gary G.

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