Your July 2013 Fashion Horoscope: What To Wear Made Easy

1st Jul 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Astrology July 2013_JustFab Fashion Horoscope

With summer in full swing, it’s time to put together stylish, warm-weather outfits that express your personality. We’ve made it easy for you to accessorize by putting together a Fashion Horoscope, think style recommendations based on your zodiac sign. Check out your July Style-Scope to find out what this month has in store for you and what you should wear.

Click on your sign to expand the image and share your July 2013 style-scope.

Fashion Horoscope July 2013_CancerFashion Horoscope_Leo July 2013 JustFab Style-Scope









Fashion Horoscope_Virgo July 2013 JustFab StyleScopeFashion Horoscope_Libra July 2013 Style-Scope









Fashion Horoscope_Scorpio July 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeFashion Horoscope_Sagittarius July 2013 JustFab Style-Scope









Fashion Horoscope_Capricorn July 2013 JustFab StyleScopeFashion Horoscope_Aquarius July 2013 JustFab StyleScope









Fashion Horoscope_Pisces July 2013 Style-ScopeFashion Horoscope_Aries July 2013 JustFab StyleScope









Fashion Horoscope_Taurus July 2013 JustFab Style-scopeFashion Horoscope_Gemini_July 2013 JustFab StyleScope







































































































Share your sign in the comments below!

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