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18th Jul 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Southern California is filled with charming boutique shops, but who knew a desert resort city would be a gem for unique retro attire and decor?  Three fashion bloggers, DevonRachel, BJonesStyle and KellyGolightly explore Palm Springs, CA for one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, clothing, and home decor. Read about their experience, what they wore, and a chance to save on JustFab styles after the jump!

Destined for Style by JustFab

“I had such a great time in Palm Springs with my girls Kelly & Beth! It’s so much easier to spend hours shopping with people who love it just as much as you. Although it was unbelievably hot, we pushed through and found some great retro pieces to take home. We naturally looked fabulous in our JustFab accessories– that were perfectly fitting of the Palm Springs theme! I’m proud to say I wore these wedges ALL day! A champion? Maybe. It could just be the amazing JustFab shoes.”

DevonRachel in Palm Springs wearing JustFab Lucca wedges

DevonRachel wears JustFab Portobello shoulder bag

DevonRachel wears JustFab Lucca wedges

Devon, founder of (She wore Lucca, Portobello, and Show of Hands)

DevonRachel and KellyGoLightly head to Palm Springs

“The only thing better about vintage shopping in Palm Springs is vintage shopping in Palm Springs with great friends! Of course, the trick to shopping with friends for throwback treasures is to make sure you have slightly different styles so you don’t fight with friends over a granny-chic lamp. Friends over finds, right? Luckily, there were no style squabbles — just lots of sunshine, lots of home decor gems (I’m still reeling over the set of 25 blush-pink cocktail glasses I scored for a mere $.99 each) and lots of memories, forever captured on Instagram: #JustFabRoadTrip

I’d highly suggest a fab road trip with your favorite ladies and can’t wait to go treasure-hunting again: LA and the OC, we’re coming for you next!

KellyGoLightly in Palm Springs wearing JustFab

KellyGoLightly wears JustFab Eden wedges

KellyGoLightly wears JustFab Riviera clutch

KellyGoLightly shopping in Palm Springs

Kelly Lee, founder of (She wore Eden, Riviera, Bow Out, Bow Down, Gilt to Last, Love Actually and Love Child)

“I love a good day of shopping, especially when it’s in Palm Springs and it involves looking for unique treasures for my home and closet. What we wore shopping was just as important as what we found throughout the day.

I’m always one to let my surroundings inspire my style, so with Palm Springs as the back drop I went for a Coachella-esque vibe. I wore a lace tunic over a leopard print unitard and accessorized it up with my Justfab pieces. The Hailey Wedges were the perfect platform sandal to stomp around in all day and I loved how the Social Life Bag and Fully Loaded Bracelet gave my look a rock-n-roll twist!”

BJonesStyle in Palm Springs wearing JustFab Social Life

BJonesStyle in Palm Springs wearing JustFab Hailey wedges

BJonesStyle in Palm Springs

BJonesStyle shopping in Palm Springs

– Beth, founder of (She wore Hailey, Social Life, and Fully Loaded)

BJonesStyle DevonRachel KellyGoLightly JustFab road trip to Palm Springs

Photo credit: FredBaby13


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