Beat Boredom: 11 Guilty Pleasures You Can’t Resist

28th Jul 2013 / By Guest Contributor

guilty pleasures by justfab

Guilty Pleasures are defined by what we personally find pleasurable but wouldn’t necessarily admit, hence the guilt. Knowing that we shouldn’t partake in these activities makes them that much sweeter! Whether you indulge in these activities to de-stress, or beat boredom, we think you’ll appreciate this list of common guilty pleasures.

Sleeping In: Possibly the best of all guilty pleasures. The more responsibilities you take on, the more you appreciate sleeping in, even if it’s an extra half an hour.

TV Show Marathons: We have all had those days when you lay in bed and watch an entire television series. Whether it is Sex and the City, Bar Rescue, The Real Housewives, or other classic re-runs, we can’t resist a marathon in our comfiest pjs.

Late Night Meals: Admit it, at some point in time, we’ve enjoyed a bite of really bad for you food! Think fast food drive-thrus after a night of bar hopping or a fancy event with really terrible food.

Online Shopping: We all know this activity begins innocently, browsing for sale items, gifts for special occasions, and ends with an awesome delivery of goods!

Social Networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest are just a few of the social networks we spend hours on sharing and keeping up with our network of friends and people we’re inspired by. You may find yourself adding to your dream wedding Pin board and you’re not even engaged! With all the technology today these social tools are right at our fingertips making it easy for us to catch up on all the gossip, trends and celeb news.

Bubble Baths: What better way to wind down after a long day?! You shouldn’t feel guilty about sinking into a warm, silky bubble- filled bath and simply relaxing.

Romantic Comedies: Rom coms help us escape reality, for a few hours, and believe that a dream boat of a man will come along and sweep us off our well-heeled feet. We know the plot will never play out in reality but it’s fun dream!

Magazines: Whether it’s a daily read, or every once in a while, magazines offer us a time to slip into an alternate reality with cleverly written articles about fashion, celebrity news, or an upcoming movie premiere.

Baking: This guilty pleasure encompasses all sweets! Whether it’s chocolate, cookies or making your very own desserts, it’s easy to feel guilty about enjoying one too many sweets. But if it makes life more enjoyable, forget the feelings of guilt!

Favorite Song on Repeat: Is there a new song you can’t get out of your head? Be shameless and hit the repeat button, because three minutes is just too short for a song so great! Driving in the car or dancing in your room, playing a song that you are currently obsessed with brings endless amounts of joy!

Pedicures: This affordable luxury offers a time to sit back and relax, even if it is just for an hour. The mini foot massage and  comfy message chairs are an added bonus to the perfectly polished toes a pedicure promises.

Is your guilty pleasure on our list?

-Morgan Lagomarsino

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