7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Compliment Your Mirror Day

3rd Jul 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Yes, I'm naturally fabulous quote. Compliment Your Mirror Day by JustFab

Who is that fabulous person staring back at you? There is no denying, it’s you! July 3rd is National Compliment Your Mirror Day, a day to reflect on your beauty, inside and out. It’s so easy to overlook one’s magnificence between schedules, work, and life responsibilities. So take a few minutes today, and every day for that matter, to celebrate your beauty with these simple tips.

  • Compliment yourself each time to walk past a mirror. What do you love about your physical self?
  • Write an inspiring quote on your mirror in washable window marker.
  • Wear your favorite color and remind yourself how flattering the hue is on you.
  • Spend the day thinking positive thoughts about yourself, and continue this practice on a daily basis. You can start by thinking about your character traits.
  • Pamper your skin with a hydrating facial. You’ll appreciate the instant glow a great facial can provide.
  • Wear lipstick, or a shade you reserve for special occasions. Hey, everyday is special! Be sure to smile at your reflection! 
  • Buy a vanity or revamp your existing one. Add soft lighting and pretty decor that expresses of your fabulous personality. Find inspiration on Pinterest.

Here is to focusing on your strengths and wonderful qualities! What compliment are you paying yourself today?

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