6 Fab Ways To Style Your Denim

17th Jul 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Denim has been a fashion basic since the 1950s, but this year, denim has been revived! We’re so excited to see new prints, colors, and cuts. A few of these styles may not be on your must-wear list; however, we think there are easy ways to have fun with denim skirts, cutoff shorts and printed skinnies.

6 Ways to Style Your Denim


Denim Skirts

It’s time to unfold the denim mini skirt that’s in the back of your drawer and give it another try. This time, instead of UGG boots, throw on a pair of heels! If you’re on your way to a laid back dinner date, wear it with a black top and a structured handbag. If you’re getting ready for a daytime outing, try a bright-colored denim skirt, such as our Mighty Mini in pink acid. Style it with a light blouse and statement jewelry!

Cutoff Denim Shorts

The phrase “cutoff shorts” can easily be mistaken for distressed, super-short shorts. However, there are feminine and fun cutoff denim shorts that everyone can wear! We’ve spotted stylish gals on the fashionable streets in printed shorts with strappy heeled sandals and bright accessories. For an outfit that’s more casual, try bright colored cutoffs with a printed top, flat sandals, and simple accessories. Browse our Killer Cutoffs to find your favorite color or print!

Printed Skinny Jeans

Jeans in different prints and colors have been a staple for the past year, but that doesn’t mean everyone has caught on to this trend! If you’ve been cautious of trying printed denim, we suggest that you start with subtle patterns. Our Signature Skinny Collection has a wide range of prints and colors. The dotted denim and pinstripe are great “starter” jeans for those looking for a change. Wear them with pastel colors and neutral accessories. See, it’s not so scary!

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