One Easy Way To Brighten Up Your Statement Jewelry

9th Jun 2013 / By Guest Contributor




Are you ready to liven up your summer basics with colorful jewelry? I brightened up a few of my favorite JustFab pieces with nail polish. Super easy and fun! Below are a few tips for this DIY. Enjoy!


Think about the colors you’d like to use, as well as pattern and/or design. Once you’ve decided on a look begin adding color using either the nail polish brush or paint brush. The first piece I spruced up was The Vault Bracelet, I added hints of pink and orange to the hardware surrounding the stones. This created a subtle pop of color. Next, I added neon colors to the Cutting Edge necklace. I alternated colors and simply traced a line surrounding the crystals. A paint brush was used to create slim lines of color. Once the nail polish dried, I cleaned up errors and smudges with a clean paint brush. Finally, I added mint polish to the Bling Impact Necklace. I went with mint because my jewelry collection was missing this hue. The best color and design inspiration can come from looks you feel are missing from your wardrobe. Give this DIY a try and tell us what colors you used as well as which statement pieces you revamped.

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