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19th May 2013 / By Guest Contributor


We’re thrilled to introduce a new blog series, We ♥ Her Style! Every month, we’ll spotlight a vlogger or blogger with a great sense of style and love of all things fab: beauty, DIY, and fashion! This month, we’re excited to introduce you to beauty devotee, AprilAthena7. Get to know more about this lovely gal as she shares her beauty inspiration and fave products, as well as four ways she styled the fresh and fierce Rosario sandals.

April began vlogging three years ago, as a way to talk about her love of makeup with fellow beauty enthusiasts, and give her sweet hubby a beauty-chat break. You must check out their joint videos, we promise you’ll laugh out loud! When asked to describe herself, she replied, “positive, quirky, baker, animal lover.” Yes, she bakes! On a recent visit to our office she brought home-baked biscotti and cookies, they were to-die-for! Read on to get the scoop from this exclusive interview.

What do you love about vlogging?

What I love most about vlogging is the ability to change a person’s life through my videos. I receive emails from my YouTube friends telling me I inspire them to be more positive, that means the world to me! It’s an amazing experience to be able to connect with someone who lives thousands of miles away!

You share so many fun and helpful beauty tips and tutorials on your vlog. How do you come up with new ideas, what inspires you?

I’m inspired by the change of season, colors, or things happening in my life. My subscribers, who I call friends, inspire me every day. They send me email requests and I usually try to film what they want. My channel is not about me, but what my YouTube friends want to see. If I’m breaking out I will document that on video and show girls how to hide acne. If I don’t know the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream, I’ll do some research. I’ll buy a couple of products to test for my subscriber friends.

What 3 beauty products can you not live without?

#1 Egyptian Magic, an amazing  natural all purpose cream that I use as a facial moisturizer, cuticle conditioner, tames hair flyaways, moisturizes skin, heals cracked dry feet, elbows and lips,  treats acne, fade scars, and treats burns! You gotta try it!

#2 Brow powder, it is amazing what a little bit of brow powder can do to your face!  Brows frame the face, so let’s make sure that frame looks great, filled and shaped! I love Anastasia Brow Powder in brunette.

#3 Foundation, I have acne-prone skin, lots of acne scars and discolorations. I like to fake a flawless skin with foundation! My current favorites are Tarte Amazonian Clay FoundationChanel Vitalumière and Revlon Colorstay.

How would you describe your personal style and who/what inspires your style?

I’ve noticed my personal style is constantly changing. I’m finally coming out of my shell and trying new looks here and there but I consider myself to have a feminine and classic style. I love sticking to classic pieces that can be worn for years…quality over quantity. I would rather have classic pieces that last longer than a ton of pieces that won’t last a year or even a week worn.

What spring trends are you currently wearing?

I love the black and white trend, spring florals and peplums! It’s wedge season and I sure do love wedges! JustFab’s Carmel in natural is perfect and goes with just about any spring outfit!

What’s one thing you could never throw away?

I’ve never been a material type of person. Sure I love gorgeous heels and purses but what I love most is traveling. One thing I could never throw away are the experiences and memories I have gained traveling with the love of my life, my husband Justin.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My biggest accomplishment in life is truly being myself, even if I don’t fit in. When you can embrace who you really are…life just gets a million times better! I also have two Bachelor Degrees, one in Child Development, and one in Family Life Education. It’s also an accomplishment because I taught preschool children and impacted young lives in a positive way! I will always cherish those memories. When I’m ready to have children, I’ll be able to use my child development knowledge and experience.

Do you have any advice for people looking to express themselves through a blog/vlog?

My advice is to be yourself because there is no one on this earth who is uniquely YOU! Share things you have are passionate about, it will really show through! Everything else will fall into place. Having a YouTube channel/blog is not about the numbers. If you have five subscribers and know that you changed five lives that is a huge accomplishment.  Last but not least, in all things you do believe in yourself and keep going! Your measure of success should never be compared with others. We’re all living our lives at a different pace.

For more beauty and style inspiration, visit AprilAthena7’s blog and follow her on Pinterest.

April Athena wears a gorgeous coral dress with the Rosario sandal by JustFab.  April Athena is a spring look featuring the Midtown handbag and Rosario sandals by JustFab

April Athena in the polka dot skinny jeans and Rosario sandals by JustFab  April Athena in the Rosario sandal and Midtown bag by JustFab.

Styles featured: Rosario and Midtown handbag.

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