Monthly Style-Scope: Read Your May Fashion Horoscope

1st May 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Is anyone else addicted to checking their monthly, weekly, or even, daily horoscope?! We’ve all been curious, at one point or another, about our career, love and/or money forecast, but what about your fashion forecast? Enter the JustFab Style-Scope: we’ll give you a glimpse into what the month has in store and what the fashion stars suggest you wear.


Click on your sign to expand the image and share your May 2013 fashion horoscope.


Taurus- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeTaurus: Happy Birthday, glamorous Taurus! This month is about making your wishes come true. Celebrate with loved ones in a flirty style with natural elements such as the Evora sandal.








Gemini- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeGemini: Enjoy quiet time early in the month, Gemini, because your agenda will fill-up by month’s end. Stick to a stylish and versatile spring wedge like Lucca.







Cancer- May 2013 JustFab Style-Scope Cancer: It’s a social month for you, Cancer. After months of focusing on work, you’ll get to enjoy a girls night out. Wear a sweet and femme style like  Marseille.








Leo- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeLeo: This month is all about figuring out what you want and how to get it, Leo! Enjoy the month in a bright wedge, like Aurelie, that matches your signature sunny outlook.








Virgo- May 2013 JustFab Style-Scope

Virgo: It’s a sweet month for you, Virgo. Enjoy travels, love and new projects in a versatile style like Darwin.








Libra- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeLibra: Your focus is on career and finances, Libra. Take a break and indulge in something like Kingston, that satisfies your love of classic styles with unexpected details.







Scorpio- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeScorpio: You’re all business, Scorpio, and you typically enjoy working on your own. This month is all about collaborations, why not make Boa your stylish partner in crime?!








Sagittarius- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeSagittarius: The focus is on your career this month, Sag. But you’ll have plenty of opportunities for play, step out in a relaxed spring style like Roseau.








Capricorn- May 2013 JustFab Style-Scope

Capricorn: Romance is in the air, Capricorn. Enjoy this magical month in Bel Air, a chic pump that captures your essence.








Aquarius- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeAquarius: Your home and family will keep you busy this month, Aquarius. Enjoy any downtime in a one of a kind wedge like Larchmont.







Pisces- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopePisces: May brings plenty of opportunities to express yourself creatively, Pisces! Work with this influence by sticking to charming yet casual styles such as Jacqui.







Aries- May 2013 JustFab Style-ScopeAries: You have career and finances on the mind, Aries! Complete your all-business look with a fashion forward style like Cartagena.






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