How To Pack Light For A Summer Getaway

23rd May 2013 / By Guest Contributor

How to pack light for the city, beach or outdoors

With summer practically here, many of us are looking forward to upcoming vacations or we’re busy planning last minute getaways. The one thing on everyone’s mind is, “what to pack?” No girl wants to forget that favorite dress or worse, over pack! Whether you’re headed to a bustling city, sunny beach or an outdoor adventure, read on as I share what to wear and how to pack light.

How to pack light for a city adventure

City: For a little summer in the city, style and versatility is key. You’ll be spending time exploring museums, sampling the local cuisine, sightseeing and checking out the nightlife. You’ll want to take sandals made for walking like Mykonos and for evening outings, a sizzling strappy wonder like Cordoba. Great staples to take along are a statement dress or glam jumpsuit, light jacket to layer on, one-to-two bottoms, and a couple of tops to mix and match. Don’t underestimate the power of small accessories! Pack a colorful scarf, rings like The Right Circles and Square Up, and a statement necklace like Rope Me In. For a glam day look, don’t forget sleek aviator shades like Maldives.


How to pack light for the beach or hanging poolside

Beach/poolside: A beach or poolside getaway calls for swimwear options. Look for a one-piece bathing suit in an eye-catching color or add a splash of fun with a print swimsuit. Dresses top the list of essentials; bring along a maxi dress and a short dress option. Both can double as a cover up by day and easily transition to night by pairing them with ankle strap wedges like Atwater. Pack colorful pieces you can easily mix and match for day and night, such as denim shorts and relaxed tops. Don’t forget flat sandals!  Go for a studded style like Dubai, as they can be worn both day and night. Switch up your look with your accessories like the studded Moxie clutch or colorful bangles like Run Around. For a dose of fun, pack it all in a colorful bag like Beach Front and take a pair of retro sunnies like St. Barts.


How to pack light for the great outdoorsOutdoors: Ah nature! There’s nothing like the scenery, peacefulness, and exploring local towns. You’ll want to think in terms of layers and pieces that will move with you. I love taking knits, light sweaters, a chambray shirt and a couple of bottoms for quick outfit changes. Merida and Thebes are great walking sandals and an ankle boot like Charly easily goes from roughing it to picking up souvenirs at the local town. A carryall satchel like Hudson can be your best friend, on and off the trail. Easy accessories like Rock Solid ring, Multimedia necklace and Key Largo sunglasses, add a little sparkle without being fussy.

Wherever you go, don’t forget to bring your SPF and if you’re traveling by plane, think small for your toiletries, 3.4oz or under. For easier packing, wear your bulkiest pieces, including shoes, on the way to your destination. To save even more space consider pooling your toiletries and essentials with your pals or sweetie. To help keep you organized make a check list of all your must-haves. If you’re hotel-bound, keep in mind many hotels offer guests complimentary essentials like shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, etc.

What are your travel essentials?


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