Fab Fashion Network: How to Organize a Meetup

21st May 2013 / By Guest Contributor


Love Fab Fashion? Looking to network with local FABshionistas and share your love of fashion with locals in your area? Now you can host fashion focused events in your hometown or anywhere in the world!

The goal of the Fab Fashion Network is to bring together individuals with a passion for fashion and inspire conversation around everything FAB! Want to learn how to host or co-host a Meetup event? Here are some things you will need to know.

A F.F.N. Meetup can be just about any type of social gathering you would like from an informal get-together with fellow Fabshionistas, a casual cocktail hour, a shopping date or even a fashion forum or panel discussion. However you decide to plan your event, be sure that it is fashion focused and serves the purpose of the Meetup groups objectives.

Here are steps for creating a Fab Fashion Network Meetup online:

  1. Visit the Fab Fashion Network Meetup Page and find a Meetup community nearest you.
  2. Click on the city name to find the Community Meetup page.
  3. Click “Create a new Meetup in this community.”
  4. Decide if you want to be the sole organizer or a co-organizer for the Meetup in your community:
    • To be the sole organizer, give a date, time, venue and short description of the Meetup.
    • To be a co-organizer, leave other fields blank to allow another Meetup community member to fill them in, which will make him or her your co-organizer.
  5. Get the word out by sharing your F.F.N. Meetup on Twitter, Facebook and any other online community that may be interested.
  6. Check the meetup page frequently to answer questions and start conversations on the comment boards.

Key things you should consider to host a sucessful event:

  • Plan in advance – when planning a Meetup in your community we suggest planning at least 30 days in advance providing guests ample time to plan on attending and ensure RSVPs.
  • Host in Metro locations – plan to hold Meetup events in locations that are easily accessible and centrally located for most of the group. You can also have other members of the group suggest great locations and the best times of the day/week.
  • Social Media – most active participants are on other social platforms so create a Facebook group page to support your Meetup events and use the #fabfashionnetwork handle when promoting on Twitter.

If you have any questions about hosting a Meetup in your community or concerns, please email meetups@justfab.com.


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