Sandals & Toes: Make Your Pedi Complement Your Shoes

15th Apr 2013 / By Guest Contributor

There is nothing I like better than a fresh pedicure and some new sandals to get me in the mood for summer! With so many hot new shoes this season, it can be daunting trying to coordinate your polish with your footwear, so here is a little cheat sheet!

Neutral sandals provide a blank canvas to really show off your polish. Think bold and bright. Try a bright coral, orange, fiery red or hot pink. One of my favorites for the warm weather months is Jaffa by Butter London. You can even experiment with some fun nail wraps like the Melody Ehsani Collection from NCLA. These playful prints are a quick and easy way to make your toes pop.

Make a statement by pairing black and white sandals with a shimmery emerald. My favorite is AZATURE Green by AZATURE. This dazzling jewel-inspired hue surprisingly looks great with every skin tone. I also love pairing black and white sandals with a strong metallic polish. Experiment by layering different shades of gold, copper, silver and platinum. One of my favorite metallic polishes is Graphite by CHANEL.

Pastel sandals look great with coordinating  shades from the same color family. For example, if you have a pastel blue sandal, you want to pair it with a darker blue polish. I also love the contrast of clean, crisp white polish with a pastel sandal. White polish can be hard to work, so I recommend applying 2-3 thin coats of polish. Make sure the polish dries completely between each coat.

Metallic sandals pair well with so many colors, but my favorite pairing has to be a classic shade of red. The bold pop of color complements a metallic shoe. You want to be sure to choose a solid red as opposed to a glittery one. Try using Dragon by CHANEL or Jungle Red by Nars.

Bright colored sandals are fun to pair with contrasting bright shades. I love to see the contrast of a bright yellow pedicure with a hot pink sandal. When you mix and match these fun brights, it creates a color blocking feel that is right on trend. Pro Tip: To make your neon polish stand out, try painting a thin coat of white polish underneath. The white base really makes the color pop. For more of a pop art feel, you can pair bright sandals with a deep, rich, almost black polish. I love Inkwell by CND.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your pedicures this season. Let us know what you try!

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