All Things Mint & Peach

11th Apr 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Hey guys! April started off fabulous, as it does every year for me since my birthday is the first of the month! I love this time of year not just because of that, but because the weather starts to get warmer and you can start breaking out some fresh, fun colors from your wardrobe. So when people asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said I wanted anything in mint or peach. You can’t go wrong with incorporating one of these colors (or both) into your outfit!

In her blog post last month, Pretty In Pastels, Elle talked about working pastel cosmetics into your look. Here, I’ll tell you how to wear them. Mint and peach can either be used as accent colors or worn head to toe. For a chic, but fun look, pair mint or peach jewelry with your LBD. If you’re not used to wearing colors, pastels are a great way to break into that fashion realm. They’re subtle, but still make a statement. Start with shoes or a clutch to add a pop of color.

I am loving colored denim, too, so these colors are perfect for pants this time of year. The best part is you can wear them with a solid-colored or printed top. If you’re really daring, try wearing the same colored top and bottoms, but keep your accessories to a minimum. If this is too risky for you, just stay in the same color family but switch up the shades. I took the risk and paired my mint heels with my mint dress. How cute and unexpected is that combo?! The coolest part was the color didn’t stop there. A bright pink blazer also worked well with the mint shade!

Moral of the story is, anything looks good in mint or peach…and that’s why I asked for just that for my birthday.

Let me know how you plan on incorporating these versatile colors into your outfit!



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