Adorn your shades: DIY Embellished Sunglasses

6th Apr 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Hello, sunshine! With the weather finally warming up, the Socialites of JustFab came together for a team DIY hour. We took our favorite JustFab sunglasses and embellished them with micro-crystal beads, glitter, gems, and pearls. You’ve seen jewel and floral-accented shades on the runway as well as on your favorite trendsetters, learn how to DIY these must-have embellished sunglasses.


JustFab DIY- embellished sunglasses

You’ll need:


Industrial strength glue


Embellishments: flat back gems and beads, micro-crystals, pearls, glitter, flowers, studs, etc.

Bead Tweezers


This DIY is incredibly easy and can be accomplished in two ways. The first, shown in the image above, involves brushing on glue in the pattern or design you’d like. We chose to add gold micro-beads along the top of  the coral Key Largo frames. First, coat the top with glue, then sprinkle micro-beads over the glue, let glue dry for about 45 minutes, and shake off excess beads. The black sunnies featured in the above image are Waikiki. Use a brush to create a pattern with your glue (our pattern was on the temples, also referred to as arms), sprinkle on glitter, wait about 45 minutes for glue to dry, shake off excess glitter. Once excess glitter has been removed, add additional embellishments. We created diamond shapes and glued flat back rhinestones over the diamond shapes for a super glam finish. Let your sunglasses dry overnight and enjoy your fab shades!

If you’d like to use various jewels and embellishments, begin by thinking through the design and/or pattern you’d like. A few pattern ideas: flowers above the lens and/or around the corners, jeweled corners, beads on the temples of your sunglasses or even adding chain accents along the temples, it’s really your preference. Once your design is set, begin adding a dab of glue to your frame, quickly add your bead (or embellishment of choice) over the glue using bead tweezers, hold your bead in place for a few seconds to set the glue. Continue building out your design, one embellishment at a time. Repeat the same process on the other side of your frames to ensure your design matches. Let your frames dry overnight and enjoy the rays!


What embellishments would you use for this DIY?



Featured sunglasses Monaco, Key Largo, Capri, Waikiki.

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