Trend Alert: Pretty Pastel Manicure for Spring

2nd Mar 2013 / By Guest Contributor

I decided to welcome my favorite season with a fresh pastel manicure. I’m loving spring’s pretty soft hues, and wanted to incorporate this major trend. I lined up my favorite shades of blue, from light to dark, and a dose of glitter, to create a graduated manicure.  You can create a similar look in about five minutes, read on for the complete tutorial.


#JustFab Spring Manicure Tutorial


You’ll want to start with clean, dry nails and file away any snags or uneven edges, to really give you a notice-me-manicure. I started off with a clear coat that multi-tasks as a top and base coat – saves money and space in your makeup bag! Allow it to dry for about a minute or 2 before adding color.

Step 1) I applied the lightest color to my thumb, 2 coats, for a little more intensity.

Step 2) I brushed on my 2nd lightest color in 1 smooth even coat, making sure it’s just a little darker than my thumb. I started in the middle of the nail bed and filled in the edges to even out the color.

Step 3) Next, I added another shade of blue, just darker than 2 the previous hues. I find having a white polish comes in handy, if you need another shade, just mix in a few drops of white polish for an instant pastel color.

Step 4) Apply a thin coat of a metallic polish; let dry for about a minute, then apply 1-2 coats of glitter polish.

Step 5) On my pinky nail, I used the darkest blue shade.

For extra shine, add a top coat as soon as your nails dry. Reduce drying time by using a quick dry spray. Clean up any errors with a wooden cuticle stick, or cotton swabs with nail polish remover.

Viola, you’re ready to greet spring with a fresh manicure! Tell us what shades you’d use in the comments below.

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