DIY – My Tie Fleece Blanket

16th Mar 2013 / By Guest Contributor

It’s another Saturday in March which means… another DIY craft project! I am not a crafty person, but after living in a sorority house for 3 years in college, I picked up a few things. My junior year, someone introduced us to the My Tie Fleece Blanket, and by the end of the semester, almost all 60 girls living in the house had made their own! Since then, it’s become my go-to gift – especially for baby showers. Just ask my mom, grandma, cousin, husband (he has 2!) and friends. Currently, I am surrounded by pregnant women, including my good friend Brooke, who is due in July. Naturally, I’m making her son his very first blanket – and now you can, too!





What’s great about this blanket is:

  • It’s SO easy to make – even the most un-crafty person can do it. Plus, it should only take you about 1-2 hours.
  • It’s incredibly affordable. If you get the fabric when it’s on sale (which is almost always), this can be done for around $20.
  • It’s personal. The best part of this DIY project is picking out the fabric!

Let’s get started!


  • 2 1.5-yard pieces of fleece fabric (traditionally 1 print, 1 solid)
  • 1 pair of scissors


  1. Trim off the ends at the top and bottom (you’ll notice they look a little different).
  2. Place the printed piece of fleece on top of the solid piece. Make sure the ends line up as best you can, but don’t worry, it will never be exact.
  3. Start at one side and cut out a square of fabric at the corner. This will determine how long your strips will be. I like my fringe a little shorter, so I cut my strips short. If you want them to be longer, then cut them long. Just keep in mind that the longer the fringe, the smaller the blanket.
  4. Cut a few strips on each side to get started.
  5. Tie each set of strips (print strip, solid strip) in a double knot so that the solid side appears against the print and the print shows against the solid. Keep cutting strips and tying them in knots. Do one side at a time and repeat until the blanket is complete.

Voila! You have a super cute and cozy blanket for yourself or loved one! How many blankets will you make this year?

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