Kimora: House of Fab Episode 6 Recap & Bar Confessionals

28th Feb 2013 / By Guest Contributor

In this week’s “Bar Confessionals”, our PR Gals, Sarah and Ashley, answer your questions from last night’s show!  Even though we have a written interview this week, we promise they were at the bar! What does it really take to be a PR Guru at JustFab? Find out below.



JMMore1 Asks: how did you feel when you first started working for JF? Were you excited?

Sarah: Very excited! It’s so cool to be a part of a company that is growing so fast. I love the people I work with and every day is different, so I never get bored. When I wake up in the morning—I actually look forward to going to work instead of dreading it. This is how I felt when I first started…and this is how I still feel about working for JF today.

Ashley: Yes. I was thrilled. Right away I felt comfortable being myself and as if my ideas would be heard. It is truly a special place to work.

JennInANutshell Asks: Ashley&Sarah, How do you balance the fine line between professional and cheesy?

Sarah: Ashley and I definitely bring out the “silly” in each other, but we know when to keep it professional. The way that we interact with each other is not at all how we interact with clients. Our motto is “work hard, play hard”—but we definitely know where to draw the line.

Ashley: Sarah and I have a fun friendship and we have the same sense of humor but we also have the same work ethic.I think first and foremost we both know that work comes first. For instance, first thing in the morning, Sarah is usually there before me and I’ll (sometimes) hand her her coffee but we usually don’t even talk or chat right away; unless its work related and we need each other. There have been days when we’ve been so glued to our computers we haven’t even said “hey.” Of course, then we’ll text in the evening to touch base. We both understand why we are ultimately there. Being friends and being able to have someone who gets your jokes is just a bonus.

MsRikibaby Asks: Ashley and Sarah, what is the #justfab item you cannot live without?

Sarah: I absolutely LOVE “Bellini”—it’s the perfect carry-all tote! It’s great for traveling, work, and just running errands. It’s so easy to throw everything in this bag and go—definitely a must have!!

Ashley: My flat black knee high boots. Every season I buy a couple new pairs. I’m a boot girl for sure!

Super_Woman85 Asks: How on earth do you ladies keep everything organized when you are constantly dealing with so much PR? Secrets?!

Sarah: I think a lot of it has to do with teamwork and communication! Luckily, Ashley and I work great together and we are constantly splitting up tasks to get things done efficiently. I’m also a “list person”—each day I make a list of my priorities for the day which helps keep me on track and get my projects done in an organized manner.

Ashley: It is so funny because Sarah and I are totally different here. Which works because we can rely on each other. I tend to just keep things in my head and she’s a list girl. Her lists terrify me. I think my technique comes from when I was an executive assistant for so many years and you simply could not let anything fall through the cracks. I once lost my notebook. Now I work to keep things in my head.

Live_out_Loud77 Asks: What’s it like filming #HouseOfFab? Does the office get together to watch every week’s new episode?

Sarah: It’s definitely a different, but cool experience! I’m still not use to the cameras constantly following us around!! The entire office watched the very first episode together which was a lot of fun. It can be very nerve racking watching yourself on TV though….so I usually watch the episodes at home in case I need to hide during embarrassing moments.

Ashley: It took about two weeks for us to get used to filming. I think they threw all that footage out because we were so awkward. The first time I got mic’d up I almost died of embarrassment. Believe me, those sound guys will find places to put your mic that you didn’t even know you had. After a while, we’d see them coming and just stand up, let them figure out how and where to drop it through the dress or tank and keep typing or sorting shoes or doing whatever we were doing. Within no time at all we would forget we were mic’d and on camera. The crew was amazing at making us feel comfortable and I think you can tell when we are organic and when we are not.

Did you catch last night’s episode of “Kimora: House of Fab”? If you missed it, we have a recap below.

Episode 6 Show Recap:

Kimora sits down with Adam and Don, her CO-CEOs, to discuss the need of the customer to get a complete head to toe look. Don wants us to get it right, but realizes they need to strike while the denim is hot. Kim brings in Lesley to take the lead on the dress project. Kimora wants her to design 20 dresses in half a year, when it can sometimes take 1 year, covering business, casual, and date looks. Lesley reaches out to Russell to help source the manufacturing, and Russell is surprised by the timeframe but thinks they can get it done. Lesley and Natalie discuss the boards, so they present Kimora only the best. Kimora is not excited by Lesley’s options, but finds a few that she likes. She asks Lesley to have the ones she likes produced. Lesley gets the samples and asks Sarah and Ashley to model. Kimora doesn’t hate the styles, but doesn’t like the fabrication. She doesn’t want to push polyester down the runway. Lesley preps the samples for the second round. Kimora loved the new samples and thinks everything looks much better.

Sandra needs retouched images from Lianca, and Lianca misses the deadlines. Alyson is concerned with Lianca’s performance. She shares the issues she is having with Lianca’s performance, and feels the basics of her job arent covered. Lianca seems unfocused and depressed. Sandra sits down with Lianca to see why there is a dip in her performance. Lianca confesses that she has been unfocused because she doesnt feel challenged in her role. Sandra advises her that if she wants to grow in her role, she needs to be a rockstar. Lianca is given the opportunity to revamp the fashion quiz. She pitches to Don, who finds the initial concept boring.

Jessica Pastor is one of the JustFab Stylists, so Lianca sits in to see how Jessica talks to her clients. She thinks this will help her revamp the fashion personality quiz. The questions include: which celebrities do you identify with, how do you identify your style. Pastor told Lianca to see a colorologist, Lianca doesn tknow what to expect. The colorologist sits her down under different colored lights. Lianca had a color ephiphany and “got it”. Lianca rethinks the whole quiz concept and comes up with an exciting grid. Sandra asks for a sneak peak, and loves it. But when Lianca presented the concept, the theoretical presentation didn’t resonate with Don. He calls it “mass confusion”. But once he sees the whole presentation, he thought it presentation was impressive.

Kim shares that JustFab will be participating in Susan G Komen Walk and everyone is excited to participate. Sarah suggests that they could have a truck at the event, to share product. Johnny takes on the design of the truck, and feels like the project has a great sense of purpose for him. Johnny pitches the concept of a shoecloset wrapping around the truck and heels on wheels, but Kim didnt like them. Johnny went back to the drawing board. Johnny’s final design has heels art all over, Kim and Sandra are thrilled with the result. Sarah, Ashley, and Johnny go to look at food trucks, so they can pick their truck for the event. At the event, the final result is amazing. There were 30,000 women walking and they all came to the truck at the same time. It was busy! At the end, Don challeneged Johnny to a foot race and won. Don doubled the donation to Susan G. Komen.

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– Natasha Khan

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