Kimora: House of Fab Episode 5 Recap & Bar Confessionals

21st Feb 2013 / By Guest Contributor

In this week’s episode of “Bar Confessionals”, Senior Graphic Designer, Johnny, and Office Manager, Jessica, answer your questions from last night’s show, and relive the glory of making the JustFab Shoes and Bags Hip Hop Music Video spoof.

Did you catch last night’s episode of “Kimora: House of Fab”? If you missed it, we have a recap below.

Episode 5 Show Recap:

Johnny is planning his viral video, and reaches out to Don to get Kimora on board. Don asks Kimora to commit to being eye candy, but Kimora wants to make sure he understands she is not eye candy. While, Kimora debates on doing the video, Johnny starts to audition dancers. His expectations are very high, so his employee dance crew is not meeting them. In the middle of planning, Joe, Johnny’s boyfriend breaks up with him via text message. Johnny is devastated. Jessica tries to get Johnny out of a funk, and Katy shows him the viral video wardrobe to cheer him up. Johnny continues to be dramatic, and Jessica and Katy give him tough love. To take Johnny’s mind off his video woes, and ex woes, Rose decides to set him up on a date with her friend Dustin. Johnny continues planning with Lesley’s help, Lesley wants the fashion for the video to be over the top, and to make the video tongue and cheek hiphop video. The night before the viral video filming, Johnny goes on his date. Dustin is cute, so Johnny gets cozy and they kiss and hit it off. He tells Rose all the details, and thanks her for the set up. The day of the shoot, Johnny is worried that Kimora wont be in the video. But once he gets on his knees, she gives in. During the filming, Don pops champagne and makes it rain. Johnny really wants Kimora to do the dance. She was willing to do it once! On the day of the big reveal, Johnny is so excited to share the final cut of the video with his coworkers. In the end, everyone loves the video.

Alyson and Vanessa are putting together a photo shoot with the Fowler sisters, who are JustFab spokeswomen and celebrity vloggers, which will turn into a look book on the site. Kimora wants to help with the shoot, and Alyson thinks Kimora can be very specific. Alyson doesn’t have a great shoot concept, and Kimora suggest “great sisters in history” and an old Hollywood glam vibe. Lianca and Alyson scout locations. Alyson loves Venice, but Lianca thinks “Venice is south central for white people.” It is too grungy, and Rodeo Drive is too expensive, but their last location Shangrila Hotel in Santa Monica is just right. Kimora thinks the tableu for Shangrila seems more editorial. Alyson meets with Angela to choose the fashion for the shoot. The Fowlers arrive on the shoot day, and look great in their looks. The pictures look fabulous, and so do the shoes. Kimora wants the Fowlers to sell it, even though they are not professional models. Kimora wants the look to be fashion, not department store. Kimora tells the team they need to go outside to the pool and shoot, because the models are stuck. Lianca is stressed, because now they are going off schedule. Kimora being on set really loosend up Elle and Blair, and the shots were great. When she sees the final shots, and thinks the ouside shots are the best.

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