Kimora: House of Fab Episode 3 Recap & Bar Confessionals

7th Feb 2013 / By Guest Contributor

In this week’s episode of “Bar Confessionals”, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sandra, answers your questions from last night’s show, and shares some never before heard details.

Did you catch last night’s episode of “Kimora: House of Fab”? If you missed it, we have a recap below.

Episode 3 Show Recap:

  • Sandra, SVP of Marketing, oversees the production of JustFab’s first print ad campaign. She asks Alyson, Art Director, to put together some mocks ups, so that they can move forward with a concept. Alyson assigns Johnny, Senior Graphic Designer, to support her in this project. The two concepts Alyson presents to Sandra are “girl in dream closet” and “fab comes first, featuring a naked model”. Sandra did not think the naked model concept was right for JustFab.
  • Johnny hopes this opportunity will put him in line for a promotion, but finds out that Alyson and Sandra had discussed the need to hire a Lead Designer. Alyson did not think Johnny was ready for that management role.
  • Lesley, Director of Merchandising, is excited about JustFab’s new denim line. Since Kimora has a background in denim, she really looks to Kimora for guidance. Kimora wants to do focus groups with customers. Lesley reaches out to Kim, VP of Public Relations, to plan a focus group event. They decide to do an event at the Beverly Center, which makes potential customers feel like runway models. Though it was hard to recruit people to participate at the event, at first, as soon as Kimora showed up, there was a line of women excited to try on the denim.
  • Alyson and Sandra, introduce the new Lead Designer, Hamsa, to the Marketing and Creative team. Johnny is upset he was not chosen for the role and vows to be more professional, so that people take his work, and him, seriously.
  • Soon its the day of the shoot, and Alyson and Sandra seem to be on separate pages. Sandra is really focused on the shoes that should be photographed, and Alyson really wants to stick to schedule, so she can shoot the additional nude shots. At the end, there are two great concepts, and Alyson is very passionate about the nude concept, so Sandra allows her to present both to Co-CEO’s Don and Adam. The CEO’s decide that the “dream closet” is the best concept for the brand.

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– Natasha Khan

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