DIY- Embellished Denim Cuff

17th Feb 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Happy long holiday weekend, it’s the perfect time to try out a new DIY project! Pinterest inspired me to give my favorite medium dark Signature Skinny denim an update, and our Social Media Intern, Debra, did the same with the Berry Signature Skinny. Read on to learn how you can easily add eye-catching embellishments to the cuffs of your jeans.








Dark Medium Signature Skinny Denim (also pictured Berry Signature Skinny)


E6000 glue

Crafting beads

Acrylic Jewels

Glass Seed Beads, color of your choice

Needle and Thread (match thread to your denim)


Step 1: Cuff about 4 inches of your jeans. Try them on and adjust the cuff as you see fit. You’ll have about 2 inches of cuff to adorn. Stitch the cuffs to your jeans to prevent them from coming undone.

Step 2: Before you begin sewing on your beads, take 10-15 beads for each side of your cuff. I used 10 pearl beads on each side, for a total of 40 for one pair of jeans. Arrange them in the pattern of your choice and be sure to leave enough room to glue jewels. Thread your needle, tie a knot onto the end of your thread and begin to push your needle and thread from inside the cuff of your jeans to the outside. Once your needle is outside, slip your bead onto your needle and push your needle back through the cuff. Repeat until you’ve added 10-15 beads on each side.

Step 3: Fill in the spaces between your beads by gluing on your jewels. You’ll use between 10-15 on each side. Let your jewels dry for about an hour before you fill in the last of the spaces with your seed beads. To add seed beads, repeat the same needle and thread process described in step 2. Let your cuffs completely dry overnight and viola, a newly updated pair of jeans that you can wear with pumps and booties.


What embellishments and/or hardware would you use for your DIY?

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