Top 4 New Trends For The New Year

18th Jan 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Hi, lovelies! Now is the time of the year to look ahead and plan for upcoming trends. There are some trends from 2012 that I believe will carry over into the New Year, like prints-on-prints, but there are also some fashion statements I can’t wait to try!


Emerald green will be a big color this year, so expect to see it everywhere! You can either experiment with it and be bold by pairing it with another color, or keep it simple by mixing it with different neutrals. What is great about this green is that it can really be worn for all of the seasons. Nothing better than getting the most out of your wardrobe!


‘Hard’ fabrics versus ‘soft’ fabrics is an unexpected combo that has amazing results! The harshness of thicker materials, like leather, beautifully complements the fluidity of soft fabrics, like silk. Whether you use small leather accents or go big with leather pants and a chiffon top, you cannot go wrong with this trend. I feel like I wear my two-toned leggings (they have leather vertical details against fabric) with everything! I just love the girly girl style mixed with an edgy vibe.


Black and white have and will always be classic colors in fashion. These colors are great on their own, together or with prints. They are so versatile when it comes to either dressing them up or wearing them casually. A big trend to look out for this year is wearing all white. The best part about this trend is mixing up the different materials used for achieving this chic look… like a white lace top with white pants. It is always fun to play around with pops of color when accessorizing, too!


We have seen statement glasses in the past, but they aren’t going anywhere this year! In my opinion, sunglasses will always be around. Why? Because they are practical so you might as well have fun with them. They can be an inexpensive way to change up the style of your outfit or an exciting way to express your personality. I think Pinecone will be trying the cat-eye sunglasses trend this year.

These are some of the trends I am loving for the New Year! What trends can’t you wait to try?



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