National Opposite Day

25th Jan 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Happy National Opposite Day, today is the day to say and do the opposite! Saying and doing the opposite will probably get me in trouble, so I thought about playing it safe and celebrating by finding alternative, if not opposite, uses for my beloved fashion accessories and beauty products. Read on to see just what Opposite Day inspired.





Add personality to your basic collared shirts with collar tips. Collar tips are western inspired and triangle shaped but you can add a modern appeal by experimenting with different post back earrings. I reached for the Art Deco inspired Gold Post earrings to add a hint of sophisticated glamour to my button up.

Hello, figure flattering belts! Put your amazing handbag collection to great use by converting detachable shoulder/cross body handbag straps into stylish belts. I chose the 801 handbag, the pyramid-stud accents on the strap were just what I needed to liven up a neutral dress.

In the event of a beauty emergency you can easily make your mascara work double duty by using it as eye liner. For a neat application, use an angled brush. Sweep your brush against your mascara wand and apply to your lash line. Voila, gorgeously lined eyes!

If you have more lipstick than you know what to do with or have colors you won’t use again, use them as cream blush. Lightly apply lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blend out to your temple, add more until your desired color is achieved. This works well because lipstick is waxy, creamy and neatly blends into the skin. You can also try using a matte brown color to contour your face.

I took the Princess Charming necklace and strapped it around my wrist for an instant charm bracelet! A minimalistic necklace is your best bet but certainly feel free to experiment with your necklaces. If you find your necklace is too short to wrap around your wrist, add a necklace extender. You could also try turning your necklace into a ring-to-wrist bracelet.

Would you try any of these Opposite Day inspired tricks? Share your alternative uses for everyday accessories in the comments below.



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