National Hobby Month

13th Jan 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Happy New Year! How are the resolutions going? If you need a way to remain true to your New Year aspirations, consider making a hobby out of them! January is National Hobby Month and I’m going to explore potential hobbies that will boost your resolutions and make them easy to keep.

If your focus is health and fitness, why not try something unconventional that incorporates your love of style such a stiletto workout class or burlesque dancing? Both activities are guaranteed to get your heart rate up, tone your body and make you feel sexy! If you’d like a bit more action and adventure, consider Derby Lite or a Piloxing class. Derby Lite is a great workout because you get the health benefits of a roller derby game minus the bruises. Piloxing combines the toning values of Pilates with the cardio intensity of boxing. Check out fitness centers and dance studios in your area for additional details.

Did you promise to keep your finances in check? You may find yourself becoming a money saving guru!  Start by visiting your local book store or browsing various money saving communities online. You can document the various tips and tricks you’ve incorporated into your life by blogging or contributing to an existing blog. Combine your new-found saving know-how and sense of style with DIY projects. Give new life to your wardrobe favorites by adding on-trend embellishments or slightly modifying the construction of tee shirts, hello tanks and halters. Browse for DIY tutorials, you’re guaranteed to find endless inspiration for fashion, home and beauty projects and well as dining in inspiration.

Was your resolution to challenge yourself and learn something new? Check your local paper or city college for fun class offerings. Some great subjects to check out are art classes, languages, various fitness classes, and even cooking! Photography is always a great choice; you’ll learn to master any camera and various techniques to capture the beauty of every moment. Photographs make for wonderful home décor and even gifts, additional money saving tip. Make this the year you master the artistry of makeup. Enroll in a beauty class to learn about color theory, beauty tools necessary for flawless application and, of course, how to emphasize your already gorgeous visage!


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Enlist a friend or two to try out your new hobby and let us know what hobby you’re considering in the comments below.


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