How To Celebrate Have Fun At Work Day

28th Jan 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Happy Have Fun At Work Day. When we discovered this real holiday, we couldn’t wait to celebrate.  As much as we’d like work to be like an episode of “The Office”, most of us don’t have Dwight, Jim, and Andy to keep us entertained all day. On this special day, January 28, gather your coworkers for a very important, extremely urgent meeting to discuss the game plan for Have Fun At Work Day.

Here are a few ideas for simple, fun activities you can do with your team or office mates, which will have everyone saying, you can have fun at work.

JustFab Fun At Work Day

10 AM Impromptu Champagne Toast

Get the morning started right with an impromptu champagne toast, because there is always an occasion to toast. You can toast to your great hair day or surviving a meeting. Just fill up a few glasses and pass the bubbly around.

3 PM Chair Racing

There is nothing like a chair race, through the office, to wake you up at 3 PM. Race your way to 5 o clock by challenging a few of your coworkers to a chair race.

5 PM Swap Accessories With Your Coworkers 

Jewelry, shoes, bags, there are so many accessories we can swap with our coworkers. Having an accessories swap makes it easy to display your products (no clothing rack needed). The rules are simple, bring in three items, leave with three items.

Are you having fun at work today? Tell us what you’re doing to celebrate this fabulous holiday!

– Natasha Khan

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