House of Fab Recap And Bar Confessionals

24th Jan 2013 / By Guest Contributor

You met the colorful staff of “Kimora:House of Fab” last night on the StyleNetwork. Every week, after the show, two of the featured staff  members will answer your questions and tell you what they really thought of the episode. Get cozy with them at the JustFab bar. Yes, we have a fully stocked bar in our office.

See a recap of last night’s episode below.

Last night, the JustFab crew moved into their new office space. You met Kim, VP of PR & Communications, Johnny, Senior Graphic Designer, Lianca, Photo Shoot Producer, Alyson, Art Director, Lesley, Director of Merchandising, Sarah & Ashley, PR Gals, Don and Adam, Co-CEOs, and of course, Kimora, President, Creative Director, and overall Boss Lady.

Show Rundown:

  • Lianca is the “Kimora Whisperer”. When Kimora joined JustFab as President and Creative Director, Lianca became her go-to-gal for photo shoot coordination, support, and ice.
  • Johnny worships Kimora and just wants to move up at JustFab. Even though he is a drama king (who requests a “work space with a view” after being at the company for a few months), he worked very hard to design a fabulous office space for Kimora.
  • Alyson and Kimora butted heads about the creative direction of the “Kimora’s Picks” photo shoot, but post-production they loved the outcome.
  • Kim, PR Guru,  is responsible for upholding the image of JustFab, and keeping a good relationship with JustFab’s Chief Stylist, Jessica Paster. In this episode, that means throwing a L.A.-style pool party that includes a shoe bar, celebrities, and Mexican food, for the Jessica Paster collection.
  • Kim’s PR Team, consisting of Sarah and Ashley, didn’t know if they would have enough shoes to supply Jessica Paster’s pool party, but the warehouse was able to pull through at the last minute, and none of the guests were denied a fabulous pair of shoes.
  • Adam and Don are the Co-CEOs of JustFab and they have very high expectations for the business and the employees.

The next episode of “Kimora: House of Fab” will be next Wednesday at 9/8c on the Style Network!

Did you tweet with us last night? See the winner’s list from our Twitter party.

– Natasha Khan

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