Bag Love: What’s Cool This Winter

22nd Jan 2013 / By Guest Contributor

In these cold winter months, I find that the majority of us are sticking to warm and cozy looks that generally fall into the neutral color palette: blacks, greys, browns and other more muted colors. In order to maintain a fluid look, it’s important that your handbag reflects that palette. Spring is still a few months out, so in the meantime, stick with something that works with what you’re wearing now!

Black is always a good handbag option. I know it can sometimes feel safe, but this is the time of year when it rarely feels heavy in comparison to your layered look. I also love the idea of a bag that’s big enough to carry your scarf and gloves.

For those of you who are looking for something beyond black, I love the idea of a chic gray mixed media bag (like Tower of Belem) or a great taupe bag (like Bombshell). Again, because of their neutral palettes, I can guarantee these color ways will work with the majority of your winter wardrobe.

Now, as lovely as it would be to carry our day bags with us in the evening, it’s not exactly very chic. I can’t express the importance of owning a few great clutches! Of course black is always a good option, but I’m really loving all of the great metallic choices I’m seeing (like Charles Bridge)… what a lovely way to add a  little something extra to your LBD.

I hope this gives you a little guidance into the wonderful world of winter handbags!



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