Daisy’s Dish: How To Look Good On Camera

5th Dec 2012 / By Guest Contributor

As a TV personality and style expert, I am always doing style segments online and fun makeovers on television. I like to always look my best, but I have to be honest with you, and tell you that I really don’t spend much time on picking out my wardrobe. I just stick to my How To Look Good On TV Rules. They are easy, fast and can work for you, too. No matter if it’s for your Facebook profile picture or your debut on the big screen, they will change your life, doll. Here are three of my fave rules.


I have said it once and I will say it again: go for Color, Color, Color. Back in the day when I worked at Glamour, my boss Suze Yalof Schwartz loved when I wore color. She always chose the brightest and best cardigans and dresses for all of the Glamour makeovers on television. It’s an instant way to look #EffortlessChic.


Many times when you take a photo or are being interviewed, the camera focuses on you from the waist up. So it’s always awesome when you can choose a dress, top or sweater with jewels, stones, studs, or any kind of embellishment or design details around the neck and shoulder area.


Like Beyonce said, ‘Give me body, Give me body!’ I like to wear pieces that hug my curves and don’t add any extra LB’s, if ya know what I mean. I love  Bloomingdale’s for finding good curve-hugging pieces.

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