Are You The JustFab Woman Of The Year?

19th Nov 2012 / By Natasha K

JustFab wants to award one lucky customer the title of JustFab Woman of the Year and a year of free shoes. This is a woman that is strong, confident, brilliant, powerful, multifaceted, fun and chic. Between November 19 and December 2nd, 2012, we will be accepting entries via our Facebook Fanpage.


How to enter:

  • To participate, you and your nominee (if applicable) must be fans of JustFab on Facebook.
  • Submit your entry via our Facebook application (not the wall).
  • You may nominate more than one person. You may nominate yourself!
  • Entry must include: image of nominee, completed nomination questions, and nominator info (if applicable)

How to be a finalist:

  • 5 finalists will be chosen
  • We’re inviting our fans to vote up their favorite entries. Fan votes will determine 2 of the 5 finalists. JustFab will choose the remaining three finalists.
  • After all votes and entries have been collected by 11:59 PM PST on December 2, Kimora and JustFab staffers will choose 1 grand prize winner.


  • The Grand Prize Winner, our Woman of the Year, will win a year of free shoes (12 pairs in total).
  • The 4 remaining finalists will win 2 items from their wishlist.

Good luck, and be sure to bookmark the blog — we’ll update it, as well as our Facebook page, on December 7 with the announcement of the lucky winner! Need more details? Check out our Official Rules.

– Natasha K.

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