Elle’s Guide To Surviving Black Friday

23rd Nov 2012 / By Guest Contributor

As you all may know, Black Friday is a great day for amazing deals and priceless finds! Whether you are shopping for yourself or preparing for the holidays and birthdays, it is the best day to get the most for your money. With Black Friday comes sacrifices and headaches, though. Planning your route of attack, waking up early, dealing with the traffic and the lines…hoping it will all be worth it in the end! My biggest tip is to go into Black Friday with a well-researched plan of deals and store locations, layouts and hours to make sure your shopping trip is super efficient and successful.

Here are my strategies and tips for surviving the crowds on Black Friday:


I find that if you have a list and you stick to it, it’s easier to maneuver around the crowds since you know exactly where you need to go. Knowing what you want to purchase can cut back on unnecessary wandering, but also unintended spending, too. Even though it is important to stay focused, being surrounded by crowds can also lead to a change in plans. Make sure you are also flexible and ready to improvise so you don’t panic if you go off course. Stay focused, don’t panic, and follow your well-laid plan!


What is shopping without friends? As tempted as you are to help your friends get great deals, too, it is best to scale down how many people you shop with on this day so you are not pulled in so many directions, literally! If you do intend to go with more people, then map out where everyone needs to go and break up when you get to the location. This may even be better so you can cover more ground and snag more deals. Divide and conquer!


Let’s be honest, as much as I love heels, they are not practical for surviving the crowds. Put on your comfy shoes and be prepared to weave through crowds of hungry shoppers and even be knocked around, yikes! Keep up with the crowds so you aren’t left behind and be brave! Having a good attitude and being patient going into this one-of-a-kind shopping experience can make all the difference…but don’t forget you can always shop online if the crowds are not for you. Be sure to take advantage of JustFab’s Black Friday shoe sales this weekend!

Hopefully these Black Friday survival tips help you! Let me know if they did or what you do to survive the crowds. Good luck, fellow shoppers!



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