DIY: Shoe Inspired Nails Featuring Amandla

4th Nov 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Loving all of our new November styles and getting a little inspiration from Amandla for a perfect fall manicure DIY.  Amandla comes in a warm teal color with beautiful gold accents that are sure to catch your eye.

Step One:

I started off first by picking out which colors that would match best. I found this beautiful teal blue and also black and gold to give the accent affect.

Step Two:

First coat is the teal; make sure to allow time for the base coat to dry completely before moving onto the gold and black accents.

Step Three:

Once the base is dry you can use nail tape or the old fashion way like I did here with some scotch tape to keep the lines straight.  I started off by painting all my tips black.  You’ll then need to make sure to let the black dry before moving onto the gold.

Step Four:

You can either use tape again for the gold or free hand it like I did here.

Viola, a beautiful manicure to match your hot pumps.  Enjoy 🙂




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