Celebrating America Recycles Day With A Holiday Clutch DIY

15th Nov 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Hearing about America Recycles Day, celebrated on November 15, reminded me of taking cans to the recycling center, an arduous feat for a good deed and some pocket cash. Wanting to be a part of this day, I tried to scrounge up something to recycle, and I wanted to do something different from the typical. Then it hit me!  “Upcycling”, reusing unwanted products, is a form of recycling! So with that in mind, I headed to my closet, on the lookout for items that needed a little tender, love and care. Immediately Decorum caught my eye. She once was my evening clutch of choice but has been sitting in my closet as of late, mostly because I felt her color was too summery for the festive season ahead of us. So with my creative juices flowing, Decorum became quite the jolly clutch with a quirky look and this I how I did it!


Supplies needed for this project:

  • Scissors
  • Fabric paint (can be found at your local craft store)
  • A stencil of your choice (my stencil happens to be scrapbooking paper)
  • And of course your clutch that needs some tender loving care.

Step 1: First up, prep your clutch. Clean it up so it’s fully ready for its makeover. Then cut your stencil to size of your clutch (you can add tape to ensure your stencil stays put)

Step 2: Practice on a piece of paper spraying the fabric paint, so there are no surprises.

Step 3: Once you feel comfortable start painting your clutch in even strokes. I found it best to start spraying off to the side of your clutch and end the spray off your project to ensure an even spray all throughout.

Step 4: Once you have completed spraying, remove the stencil carefully and let your new beauty dry for at least an hour.

And voilà! You have a brand new clutch ready to take out on the town. Hope you ladies have fun with this project; it was mighty fun and resourceful!

– Nikki G.

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