Dinner With The Stars: Go Inside Topshop’s Private Party

30th Oct 2012 / By Guest Contributor

First of all, I love Topshop, and I love going out to fashion events. So of course when I was invited to a dinner hosted by Sir Philip Green, you’re damn right I’m going to attend. I had no idea what to expect other than it being your typical fashion soiree with a step-and-repeat, loads of celebrities and camera flashes everywhere.

Now, what makes fashion events better than say, a movie premiere, is that there is rarely a VIP section, so celebs co-mingle with everyone else. A roped off area at any private party is tacky and just plain rude. It says to your excluded guests that they are second-class invitees.

Of course, that was not the case at this event, but when I arrived, I was surprised to find no press line and no photographers! How refreshing! It was just a great big dinner party for friends of the brand. Sir Philip, along with his wife, was utterly charming, and I particularly found Lady Tina to be quite a hoot (or maybe I was swayed because she loved me on Fashion Police).

Now mind you, their friends are people like Sofia Vergara, Tobey Maguire and Britney Spears, so it certainly was no ordinary dinner party. Now for me, this is a ‘work’ party, but since I love my job and I adore all of the characters I work with, it’s always an opportunity to meet up with friends. The always perfectly coiffed Dita von Teese was there in flats nonetheless, due to a sprained ankle. Dita is always in heels, but the girl is so poised with magnificent posture that she can totally pull off a full-skirted ’50s party dress in flats without looking frumpy.

My favorite Revenge pals, Ashley Madekwe and Christa B. Allen, were also there. I love seeing those girls because they always get dressed up to go out and are super fun, but in an elegant way, not in a tacky party girl way. Those girls really ‘get it,’ so watch out for them!

I also spotted Demi Lovato, who is quite fresh-faced and adorable in person with her top-knot hairdo; the sweetly acerbic Nicole Richie (who I also adore); Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (yup, love her, too!) and Mario Lopez (nothing really to say about him).

Of course, my stylist friends were there as well, including Jessica Paster, Jen Rade, Nicole Chavez, Deborah Waknin and Cher Coulter. It’s always fun to see fellow stylists, because since we all work solo, fashion cocktail parties become our time to have mini bitchfests about our usual job annoyances. Yes, we all LOVE our jobs, but sometimes you just need to let out your grievances to those who can properly empathize with you. It’s funny since it’s always the same conversation played on repeat, but nonetheless it always feels better to commiserate especially when you think you’re on a boat alone.

At the end of the night, Simon Cowell strolled in holding hands with Carmen Electra. We all thought ‘Are they dating? They must be dating, right?’ Honestly, I don’t really care. I’ve been seated next to her at some other fashion dinner and aside from being totally gorgeous, she seems like a very nice girl. So all I can say is: Good for her! That man is loaded. He’s not as rich as Salma’s husband, nor does he own a fashion conglomerate, but good for Carmen nonetheless.

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