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6th Sep 2012 / By Guest Contributor

You’ve seen her on Bravo’s Chef Roble and Co., gracing the pages of Ebony magazine, and hanging with cool celebrities, including Pharrell, Charlize Theron and Gayle King, just to name a few. So who is this infamous Bevy Smith? She’s one of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after hosts and one of the most talked about girls about town in New York, LA and beyond. A beautiful force to be reckoned with, this curvaceous diva is the founder and host of Dinner With Bevy, an exclusive invite-only dinner party honoring a celebrity. Every guest of Dinner with Bevy is handpicked by Bevy herself and always includes an eclectic mix of  A-list tastemakers and icons, from posh fashion editors to supermodels to in-demand media moguls.

I caught up with Bevy in New York City’s trendy Tribeca area for a celebratory gathering in honor of petite pretty Keyshia Cole’s new album, Woman To Woman (set to release this fall). Instead of Dinner with Bevy, we gathered for Cocktails with Bevy at Jimmy, a fabulous rooftop bar atop the swanky James Hotel. Guests, including New York tastemakers Miko Branch, creator of Miss Jessie’s, and bloggers Gabriel of SFPL, Claire Sulmers of FashionBombDaily, and Harlem Fashion Row’s Brandice Henderson, mixed, mingled and nibbled on succulent short rib dumplings, yummy oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches and plenty of Prosecco.

The sun set as the legendary D Nice played Keisha’s greatest tunes, old and new, and Bevy played hostess with the mostest in a floral summer frock and pumps. After taking in the beautiful skyline and even more beautiful food, I had a little chat with Bevy on her Twitter etiquette philosophy, super cute Pharrell, and how to stay party fresh fabulous all night long.

Let’s talk party etiquette. What are two of your Top Do’s & Don’t’s of hosting a fabulous party?

DO make sure that you are actually participating in your own event.

Many times people make the mistake of wanting everything to be just so perfect, that they are actually not interacting with their guests. If you’re a professional event or party planner, then you’re not supposed to participate in the fun. But if you’re a host, like me, it’s my job to be a part of the event and to engage people. Be present, and have fun. When they see me enjoying myself, they know it’s OK to let their hair down.

DON’T ever be so involved on social media that instead of being a part of the event, you’re reporting on the event. At my dinners, I don’t allow texting, Facebook posting, Twitter, Instagram, none of it. I want people to be present. I prefer to do a post-event recap. When you’re at the event, instead of talking to people who aren’t there, why don’t you enjoy the event?

Who are some of your favorite celebrities that you’ve hosted events for?

I loved hosting a dinner for Pharrell for Target, at Sundance for Joy Bryant, Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington. Keyshia Cole really opened up at a dinner and had a great time. I have fond memories of her.

What are the new ‘it’ foods trending right now for dinner parties?

I’m a tried and true kind of gal. You can never go wrong with a delightful piece of Bronzino fish. Traditionally, I always make sure there’s a nice piece of filet mignon on the menu. I like something hearty for my guests.

What about cocktail parties?

Everything is all about anything you don’t need a fork, knife or spoon to eat. For summer, I love chilled gazpacho in a tiny cup and mini lobster rolls. I always love lobster. Anything bite-sized, but still hearty. Mini grilled cheese, a cone of French fries.

All eyes are always on you and your ensembles. Can you give us 3 style tips for the curvy girl preparing to attend a fabulous party?

1. Well, you never want to be a girl leaning to the side.

I know which [shoe] brands are really comfortable for me. I wear a lot of Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, oh, and Fendi is really comfortable, too.

2. Your undergarments are your first line of defense.

Make sure they are appropriate for your outfit and fabric. There’s nothing worse than being at an event and needing to constantly fix and adjust. So when all eyes are on you, make sure you are super comfortable and you can just be. This really goes for all girls, not just the curvy girls.

3. Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the event.

If you’re going to a birthday dinner for your boyfriend and his parents, maybe that plunging neckline is not appropriate. You don’t want to be the hot momma in front of his momma. Always be appropriate for the occasion and whatever that means for you. If I’m comfortable and my clients like it, I’m good to go.

Check out Dinner with Bevy in this month’s September issue of Ebony magazine and anytime on Twitter to chime in with her other 44K plus followers as she shares her feelings on boys, parties, life and more.

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