COPYRIGHT ISSUE: What Not To Wear In Sin City

10th Jun 2012 / By Guest Contributor

I was recently in Las Vegas to be a judge for the Miss USA beauty pageant. Yes, I said beauty pageant. Let’s not sugar-coat this because it is what it is, and it really bugs me that people have a problem with the word ‘beauty.’ What’s wrong with beauty? We all crave beauty in our lives, so why not have a pageant that celebrates beauty? My goal as a judge was to find the girl that had that ‘it’ factor or the ‘star quality’ that set her apart from the rest and who could go on to compete and hopefully become Miss Universe. I was looking for what was underneath all the exterior beauty (including the makeup and hairspray!) by way of her grace, elegance, poise, charm and confidence. So yes, it’s a beauty pageant, but you have to be a smart girl to take it all the way to the top regardless of how gorgeous you are. Speaking of beauty and intelligence, I’d like to know what the heck all of you lovely ladies are thinking when you’re out partying in Vegas?!?!?!

First of all, do NOT wear a dress that is so tight, it rides up to reveal your backside. I saw just as much lower-butt cleavage on display in the casinos as I did at the pool! If you have to keep pulling your dress down all night, it is not the right size for you! Honestly, body-con dresses are just not for everyone. Yes, they are great for a girl with an hourglass frame of any size who wants to hold it all in (kinda like wearing Spanxon the outside). But for you lovely ladies with fuller upper thighs, I suggest an A-line or flippy mini to best flatter your physique. Since Vegas is all about bare legs, why not opt for a chic shorts suit with killer heels? A confident woman who is not constantly fussing with her clothes is a sexy woman.

Now let’s talk about those heels! Please do NOT wear your sky-high platform stilettos outside of your hotel! There is much more walking in Vegas than you think, so if you plan on venturing outside for the night, then wear a wedge heel. Spiked heels should come with a license, and if you can’t operate them properly, you should not be able to wear them. Save the spikes for when you’re partying within the confines of your hotel, which is totally possible in Vegas. If you stay at the Palazzo, for example, you’ll never have to leave. It is NOT chic, elegant or ladylike to see a grown woman walking around barefoot with her shoes in her hands at the end of the night. I did see a few smart girls clutching their heels and wearing ballet flats. But come on! Who wants to carry a back-up pair of shoes all night?

I know you want to look all hot and sexy for Vegas, but please, let’s leave a little bit to the imagination. My rule with showing skin is to keep it to two major body parts only. Since it’s all about the bare leg in Vegas, this means you can either show legs with boobs, but cover the arms OR show legs with arms, but cover the boobs (I’ll give you a bare back here ‘cos I’m feeling generous and it is Vegas after all).

I know I might sound a little too puritanical for some of you, but it’s a problem when you can’t tell the difference between a ‘lady out for the evening’ and a ‘lady of the night.’ So keep some of it covered up and you can still be super sexy, sophisticated, smart, sassy AND esteemed. Just like Miss USA.

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